Trucker's "Cigar Boy" Tells You the Real Story

By sdvmia

NOTE:  For better appreciation of this story, ready “Trucker’s Cigar Boy” by McGarGuy first.


I love trucks.  Always have, since I was a kid.  My dad drove big rigs and I loved the feel, loved the sensation of the truck.  Long before I knew what an orgasm was, back when I was 8 or 9, the rumbling powerful feeling made me feel so good, so safe.  Me and Dad, on the road, feeling the power. 

When I was 14, I was already 6 feet tall and muscular from helping Dad unload the trucks.  Dad was always telling me how school was important and he wanted me to learn, but manual labor was just as important and I needed to learn that too.  Dad started to teach me how to drive, showing me all the gears, learning the "feel" of the moment when each gear peaked and you needed to shift.  Sometimes he'd let me drive on the open road and he'd catch a quick nap.  It was so exciting, but he made me keep the speed below the limit since he didn't want a cop catching us with me driving.  I respected my Dad so I never did drive above the limit with him, although he'd get it going 80 or 90 in some places and the power, the feel, the rumble....

Anyway, I've always loved trucks and truckers.  When I realized I was gay, I didn't tell Dad, he wasn't ready for that.  I did start to notice how many of his trucker friends were looking me over when Dad wasn't paying attention.  Eventually I connected with one guy on a long trip.  We stopped in Wyoming at a trucker rest stop.  Dad would sleep in the back of the cab and I'd sleep in the front seats.  Sometimes I'd go out for a smoke and walk around.  Wyoming is beautiful country...with some beautiful men. 

Bob walked over to where I was smoking by the trees at the edge of the rest stop.  I heard him coming but didn't turn around.  He asked if he could bum a cig, and we started talking about the sky and at some point he put his arm around my shoulder and I just sort of relaxed into it.  After a few minutes of shooting the bull, he pulled me around with his arm so I was facing him.  He was about 6'5" so I had to look up at his face.  He just looked down at me and said "I'm hungry and you look like you've got a tasty cock". 

It was so brazen, so corny, so sudden I was unprepared for that line.  He just took my hand and led me into the trees and undid my belt, yanked down my pants and he was on my cock instantly.  I was 15 then and didn't have any experience other than jerking off, so I came pretty fast.  He ate every drop then said "Your turn" and he dropped his pants and let go a 9 inch thick monster cock.  I could only get the head in my mouth (I’d never sucked anyone before) and he just let me work it for about 10 minutes, then said "Is this your first cock, boy".  I looked up and started to tear up.  "Yes, I'm sorry".

"Don't be sorry boy.  Do you want to learn how to please a man?" he asked in the sweetest yet firm and forceful voice.  "YES!" I yelled, suddenly aware we were in the trees and someone might hear.  "Come with me" and he led me back to his rig.  He had a large area behind the front seats.  He turned on the air conditioner and put the cardboard shield over the front windshield.  "Nobody will see us now, get naked."  I did and he did.

He spent the night teaching me things I didn't know but needed to.  He showed me how to deep throat his cock.  It took nearly an hour but he got it down to the hilt and I just took it all the way, surprised me completely.  He then taught me not only how to take a cock up the ass but how to fuck.  It was only 7 hours but it seemed to go on for days.

By the way, did I mention he had hypnotized me?  Yup, I didn't even know it.  Back when we were out at the trees, looking at the moon.  When we were "shooting the bull" at the trees, he had me looking up at the moon, about how nice, how relaxing it was.  I couldn't take my eyes off it.  I didn't have any idea he was doing it.  When he finally pull me around to look at him, my eyes were glazed over (he told me later).  He said I was the type who responded to hypnosis quite well, which I didn't understand at the time since I'd never been hypnotized.

He was a master hypnotist, and he used all his powers to turn me into an expert man pleaser.  He was also very kind and, as our time together was ending, he asked me what turned out to be the most important question of my life - "Do you want to be a submissive boy the rest of your life, a master of other men, or are you not ready to make that decision?”

I was awake and he had just finished explaining what we'd done, the hypnosis and such, and my mind was still a bit jumbled.  I was still feeling some after-affects and I wanted him to own me, to be his forever, yet he was asking me what I wanted.  "Why are you asking me, couldn't you just make me your slave forever?"

"Yes, I could" said Bob totally matter-of-fact and I knew he could.  "You see, when I was younger someone hypnotized me and didn't give me a choice.  They used and abused me and then when they were done with me, dropped me.  It almost killed me.  I swore I'd never do that to another man.  I've come back stronger and better, made my life who I want to be.  But you haven't answered the question."

I have never admired a man, except for my Dad, more than I admired Bob at that moment.  I knew, looking at him as he spoke, I could see the memory of the hurt in his eyes and yet see the power of a man who had created himself from his own ashes.  I got his phone number.  We still talk at least once a month.  And we see each other once or twice a year when he’s driving through town.

Anyway, here I am heading off for a weekend of fun with some friends and I’m hitch-hiking.  Not that I can’t afford the bus fare (I have it in my pocket), but the most interesting things happen when you hitch-hike!  And this was going to be one of the better trips.  I had gotten a ride to a truck-stop that’s one of my favorites.  There’s an area out back where there’s almost always someone at night looking for a hot fuck.  My first ride stopped there for a few hours rest.  I had blown him while he drove (I LOVE that!) and he had a nice cock, not big but enjoyable.  Manly scent.  Nice.  I bid him farewell in the morning (we had cuddled together in his cab, I was tired so I didn’t go “hunting” that night).

After he left, I saw this truck pull up as I was finishing breakfast.  The guy got out of the truck – WOW!  He was so my type, awesome body, just the way I like, semi-muscular, somewhat hairy.  AND… as he got out of the cab, I saw him take a last inhale on his cigar then stamped it out before he fueled the truck.  MAN – Cigars too?  This guy was what I wanted, what I HAD to have.

I walked over and talked to him, asked if he could give me a ride.  I was very specific in my words, some double-entendre stuff and I could tell he was already thinking about fucking me.  He didn’t know what I had in mind for him.

I got in the cab, buckled up, and he started off onto the road.  We started talking, he asked me about stuff, college.  I told him I was studying geology – rocks.  Didn’t really want him to know my specialty was psychology, he might start to realize what was happening before I wanted him to.

We start talking, I make sure to talk a lot, most of it not really important.  Then he pulls out a cigar and starts puffing it, the smoke swirling in the cab.  I almost grab my hardening cock but keep my arms at my side.  Not yet, but soon, I can wait a few minutes.

He asks me if the smoke bothers me.  FUCK NOW, BLOW IT MAN!   I am screaming in my mind, but I just politely say no and tell him I’ve tried a couple in the past.  A couple?  He doesn’t know how much of a fetish cigars are for me.  I love to use a cigar to hypnotize a guy, the glowing embers, let the smoke swirl around.

So we are talking – well, I’m doing most of the talking, he’s focusing on the road and I can see he’s thinking about some stuff.  I find out later what he was thinking…about me naked and him controlling me…but I’m getting ahead of myself.  I keep talking, a lot of it is just about rocks and stuff, really boring, and I know he’s tuning it out consciously but of course his unconscious is listening.  And I start adding phrases here and there: “and as we studied the volcano, we really wanted to get our rocks off…the volcano”; “it was so hard we had to keep moving it up and down up and down until it released”; “the road is so quiet and empty I guess your mind gets that way sometimes”. 

I was being very careful, I didn’t want to drop him into trance while we were doing 80!  I was giving him some simple suggestions now.  He wasn’t paying much attention to what I was saying so I could drop them in.  After the first two, when he didn’t notice or change reactions, I knew I was safe.  “You can obey my suggestions as we talk about the rocks on the volcano, it’s easy to do what I want when we’re moving the igneous period and finding where the rocks really started”.  The sentences didn’t really make sense but his unconscious was eating it up.

We reached an area that I was familiar with.  I told him “we should stop for a moment and you really need to take a piss near the trees”.  He was already looking a bit glazed but still awake enough to be driving the rig.  I saw his legs squeeze together and I repeated my suggestion 3 times.  He finally pulled the cigar out of his mouth and said “hope you don’t mind, need to take a quick piss”.  I said “no problem, looks like some trees over there with a rest stop.”  I had timed it perfectly.  The rest stop was empty, not a single truck there.  As he pulled over and stopped the rig, he said “be right back”.

He was about to grab the door handle when I said “Smoke Me”.  He just closed his eyes and sank back into his seat.  I had been programming him for the last 10 miles to let go into trance when I said those words.  I immediately began having him think he was still driving, totally forgetting he’d stopped.  He was on the road, a very monotonous road, and he was thinking about me.  I told him to tell me what he was thinking.

Turns out he also knows hypnosis, and he was going to use that section of the road to hypnotize me!  So I told him to tell me everything he was thinking, what he’d do to me, and as he did he’d feel it himself but not realize it.  He’d think he was driving, making me go into trance. 

I took the cigar from his mouth and smoked it while he laid it all out, all his plans for me.  Once I had him way down deep, I had him strip naked and we went back to the bed in his rig.  I stripped as well and I had him tell me what he was going to do with me.  I had him imagine it completely and totally, as if it was happening.  While he did I began fucking his ass, it was an awesome, tight ass.  He thought I was cumming, and in fact I was – but not on myself as he imagined, but up his ass.

He told me his other fantasies about me, and I had him imagine them all.  Well, most of them.  He mentioned about his hood, but I decided to save that…for him, next time we met.  After a couple of hours of fucking him, having him suck my cock, I’d cum three times and he had shot twice for me.  He told me he was going to make me forget, he was sorry but he had to do it.  Of course, since everything he said affected him, he started to forget all I’d done with him almost instantly. 

I had to add a bit though.  I had to get him back in his seat and begin driving, not remember he’d stopped.  Time would seem normal; he’d think he got a late start.  And he would look for me in a couple of days on his return so he could take me back home.  He would think I was responding to his post-hypnotic suggestion.  Wouldn’t he be surprised!

I had him start the rig and begin driving, telling him after 30 seconds he’d wake thinking he’d just done all the things he imagined with his hypnotic toy boy.  I didn’t realize how tired I was, I did shoot three times and fucked him hard, had him fuck me for a while.  The power of the engine, the rumbling, it was home to me, the best feeling in the world.  My last suggestion was that he’d love to feel me near him.  As he woke, I leaned in and fell asleep. 

Nothing like waking up cuddling a big, manly trucker, feeling the power and rumbling of the rig.  My cock was rock hard when I woke.  My trucker-boy had his arm around me, driving down the road, smiling.  I looked up and said “are we there yet” like a little kid during a family trip.  He looked down and smiled.  “Almost, boy”.  Hmmm, let’s see, did I hypnotize him or did he hypnotize me?  Better check and make sure.

We stopped a few minutes later to get some gas.  As he got back in the cab, I said “Smoke Me” and he fell back in the chair.  Yup, I guess I hypnotized him.  I asked him about what happened to him today since we first met at the gas pump.  He spent 10 minutes telling me how he’d “hypnotized” me with the road, made me cum, how we’d played with each other – everything I’d programmed into him.  He had no memory that he was in fact my “boy toy” – or rather my “Man toy”.  I couldn’t wait for the return trip – and the hood wasn’t gonna be on me on the way back!


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    Loved both stories.
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    Love this, too. It reminds me of the sounds of boating, the rumbling, the engine sound, puts me to sleep. Yes, I know I fall in to that state of hypnosis,
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  •  Marcojean: 
    Nice unexpected sequel of the previous story
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    I've read the Trucker edition a few times and really enjoyed it. This is a great other half of the story, especially with more cigars!
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  •  buddyunder: 
    Loved this! An excellent addition to the "original."
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