Hello, Coach: Your work comes very highly recommended. I find myself in desperate need of a young, dumb jock who loves to show off his body – but I also have a pipe smoking fetish and I would need him to serve in that aspect as well. Given what I’ve heard about your skills, though, I shouldn’t think that would pose any difficulty. If we’re in agreement, I can wire half your fee upon commission and the rest upon completion. I look forward to hearing back from you. ~T.

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"Hello!" the clown said, "Remember me?" Shane felt really strange. “Uh, no. Where am I?”
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16.05.2020 · From HypnotistDormion
I had never worn a leotard before and I remember wondering how I knew to put it on. I remember thinking that it was not the kind of thing that I would ever want to wear. The hood needed me in it. The hood was making me wear it. I found myself drawing it up over my body ...
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15.05.2020 · From HypnotistDormion
Let your mind get heavy and your thoughts dissolve as the dudes at the gym put you under their hypnotic spell! It starts when a jock named Thomas is hypnotized to become Tripp, a dumb muscle-flexing bodybuilder.
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The confrontation, long awaited, now begins
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It's time for the past to catch up with Kristian
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