Rich was happy, very happy. He’d just gotten his first grant from university and had decided to treat himself to some brand new naughty gear to expand his collection. Curled up in bed, he browsed the web, site after site he searched, occasionally bookmarking pages but nothing really standing out to him. Then he found it.

Nexus Toys.

He clicked the link and was greeted with an impressive website. He smiled slightly, this certainly was a diverse collection of toys, he had never seen such fancy designs for such a large variety of kink items. He browsed the tabs and began to filter by the brands he found enticing. RubMorph caught his eye especially. Just reading the guarantees on some of the items, promising perfect fit rubber items and a complete kink reality change. He selected some thigh high pink and black rubber socks, he was after all a bit of a sissy sub, and these just looked so good. He purchased them and cheekily added one day shipping with immediate collection to his order. He wanted them now!

The next day he took off, Uni could wait, he had to try his new gear. The parcel arrived just after one and he quickly unboxed and pulled out the finest pair of rubber socks he had ever seen. The rubber glistened so perfectly in the light and seemed so warm and soft to the touch. He stripped quickly, taking a moment to admire his physique in the mirror. His boyfriend would love this so much when he got in. Rich picked up the pink rubber socks and slowly slipped them over his feet and massaged the rubber up his legs till it hit his thigh. “Wow” he thought, didn’t even need lube. Standing up he admired himself in the mirror, the rubber hugged his legs so perfectly they looked almost custom, he bit his lip seductively, imagining what would happen when his boyfriend eventually got home, he hadn’t seen him since yesterday morning. He lay back on his bed and began stroking himself, his cock gradually becoming hard in his hand till it stood at its full six inches. As he stroked himself his hole began to itch, not a bad itch, a needy itch, it needed something in it. Rich reached down and began probing at his hole with his fingers, sliding one, two, eventually three into his suddenly needy hole. Moaning filled the room as his fingers slipped in to the hilt, over and over as he jerked his cock not noticing the changes that had begun to happen.

Firstly, he was finding it harder and harder to keep his fingers inside himself, almost as if the angle he was going at was getting harder to maintain. Rich looked down at himself and gasped as he found his arse swelling and curving beneath him, becoming increasingly bubbly by the second. Next, he looked at his cock, well, if it could be called a cock. Rich wanked harder and harder and watched in horny bliss as his cock shrank before him, inch by inch before it settled down to a very sensitive 1 inch nub. He moaned, a high-pitched moan, as cum erupted from it and basted his chest, quickly scooping it up and licking it clean. He sprang to his feet looking at himself again, his butt certainly had ballooned, two jiggly spheres now replaced his once toned arse and his once hard dick reduced to a tiny speck. A sudden jolt of bliss hit him as his head fell back, the rubber leggings, had begun to spread. Slowly their pink and black rubber seeped up his body, coating his form as he stood there, paralysed by a wave of euphoria. The rubber moulded to every part of his form, leaving his hole and nub open as it progressed up his torso and neck. Rich almost drooled as the rubber encased his head, flowing over his face, his mouth remaining free and his eyes reduced to tiny pinholes, he was now completely enveloped.

“Kneel” A voice said. Rich knelt and spread his legs wide, his mouth held open by the rubber as a leather clad man entered the room. It wasn’t his boyfriend.  The stranger looked down at the sissified sex toy, encased head to toe in pink and black rubber. Richs nub drooled precum as the man pulled out his large cock and inserted it into the dolls mouth.

After fucking it roughly the man exploded a heavy thick load of cum over the dolls face and quickly added a collar around its neck.

“The master will be pleased with you”, the man said before leading the doll into the waiting van outside. Inside the suit, Rich contemplated his fate, he should have read the fine print of the order, a reality change this was indeed, and he did ask for immediate collection.

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