READ THE STORY  -  Part 5: The Robot Invasion Begins…Sort Of    by SDVMIA

 “…and they realized this was what they always wanted.”

 Sam was having a fun night.  It was Saturday, a week after the amazing weekend at C&C’s.  Sam had been approved for the San Diego group on Tuesday and had been reading the story every night.  He was amazed at how turned on he got from it.  He had never been into hypnosis, but reading this story about all these guys getting turned into mindless slaves, surfer dudes, robots and more seemed to have a strong effect on him. There was even one section about a guy who had no interest in hypnosis, but the hypnotist “stealth” him into trance and found his secret desire was to be a boot-licking leather slave.  That part had really turned on Sam for some reason. He had filled out the questionnaire on the site on Wednesday night, after re-reading the story for the 4th time since he joined. 

He was feeling a bit bored and went to the gay bar that had Karaoke on Saturday night.  It was kind of funny – a gay leather bar with Karaoke on Saturdays.  Some of the guys sang really well (Sam had an okay voice), but he couldn’t help but laugh when one of the real leather boys, in full leather gear, would go up and sing a Broadway song.

It was getting around midnight and the place was pretty busy.  Sam finished a really soulful version of “God Bless the Child” (which was one of his best numbers).  Sam was black, 29, and he had a look that you might run from if you met him in a dark alley.  He wasn’t overpowering, but he was built.  He was also the sweetest, gentlest, nicest guy you could want to know.  He’d do anything if you were a friend.  He generally didn’t sing a lot of soul (he actually preferred country songs), but he had a voice that could do either nicely.

After he finished, he went over to the bar to get a drink.  Just as the bartender handed it to him, a guy behind him said “that’s on me, if you don’t mind”.  Sam turned and looked into the most piercing blue eyes he’d seen in a while.  The guy was smiling and was holding a twenty.  “I hope that’s okay, your song just now, you gave me such pleasure with it, I hope you don’t mind but it’s the least I could do.”  Sam usually didn’t like guys buying him drinks out of the blue, but the guy’s explanation was so heartfelt, Sam just nodded and said “thank you”.  The guy ordered a sour apple for himself.

“My name’s Xander, and I gather yours is Sam?”  “That’s right, how did you know?”  “They announced it after you sang.”  “Ah, right” said Sam, realizing it was true.

“That was a beautiful version you did, I haven’t heard that song in ages.  Brought back some nice memories” said Xander.  “How so?” asked Sam.  Someone pushed towards the bar, almost knocking the drink out of Xander’s hand.  “Mind if we talk over in the corner where it’s not so jammed” said Xander.  They walked to the far corner, where there were two small sofas and a chair.  One of the couches was empty and they sat and began talking.

Xander told Sam how his father used to sing in a local group and, as a kid, he heard many songs but for some reason he loved “God Bless the Child”.  Maybe it was because his father would stand in front and solo on that one.  As they talked, Sam noticed Xander, his blue eyes, his cute smile as he talked.  He was a country boy at heart, a twang in his speech, and a genteel manner about him.  It was for that reason that, after talking for about 45 minutes, Sam was sort of stunned when Xander said “You are sooo sexy, maybe we could go somewhere and find out just how sexy you are without all the clothes.”  Sam was wordless for a few seconds.  “I’m sorry”, Xander continued, “but I’m very direct sometimes, especially when I’m turned on, and baby you turn me on.  If you’re not interested, that okay, was nice just talking with you and taking in that hot face and body of yours.”  “NO”, Sam unintentionally screamed, then took a breath and continued at a more normal tone, “I’d love to go with you.  It’s just, well, I’m not usually that fast and I don’t think anyone has ever quite said that in that way to me.  But you know what, I’d love to make out with you.  Hope you don’t mind, I don’t fuck on the first date, but a kiss and cuddle would be good.  What do you think?”  Xander leaned in and kissed Sam slow and deep.  “Your place or mine?” he asked once the kiss ended.

Sam and Xander went to Sam’s place.  Sam mentioned that he needed to check his email as he was waiting for a note from a friend.  Xander sat down next to him at the desk.  Sam started checking his email.  There were three notes he read from guys talking about how good the story in the hypnosis group was.  “Hypnosis story?” asked Xander.  “Yes, I have been hypnotized a number of times, it’s a lot of fun” said Sam.  Xander’s blue eyes widened a bit.  “Did you cluck like a chicken?”   “No, it’s not like that” said Sam.  Sam proceeded to explain a bit about hypnosis to Xander.  He also mentioned the San Diego group and went to the site so Xander could see it.  There were some pictures in the PHOTO section of guys who were hypnotized.  Some were naked, some not, a couple of the pics were a guy suspended, totally rigid, between 2 chairs with a massive harden.  Xander couldn’t believe those pics.  “That’s fake, right?”

“Nope, they are real.  I know one of the guys who took some of the pictures and believe me, it’s all real” said Sam.  Xander asked some more questions about hypnosis.  He’d never been hypnotized but he had done some meditation a while back.  Sam suggested he read this story that was posted on the group.  It had some scenes of guys getting hypnotized and the inductions were pretty true-to-life.  Xander was fascinated and agreed.  Sam opened the story and changed seats with Xander so he was sitting at the screen with Sam sitting behind him.

At first, Xander asked a few questions.  The first induction involved a guy counting backwards from 100 and being out before he got to 70.  Sam explained that was a real method and how it would work.  As Xander continued on, Sam would make comments here and there.  Xander was getting into the story now.  He was already on the third part and kept reading.  He wasn’t saying anything now, just reading, but Sam was speaking softly to him, just as Bob had spoken to Sam, Mark and Tito when they were reading the story at C&C’s house.  Sam was mentioning how the guys in the story were getting more focused and relaxed, how they were just being drawn in by the hypnotist, how horny the guys in the story were getting.

Soon, as Xander continued reading, Sam wasn’t talking about the guys in the story.  He was telling Xander how horny he was feeling, how obedient, how relaxed and how much he wanted to be hypnotized like the guys in the story.  Xander began to shift in the chair, even as he continued the story.  His cock was starting to push against his leather pants.  Sam continued talking and reached down and began rubbing Xander’s cock through the leather pants.  Sam could tell Xander was enjoying it, but Xander couldn’t seem to pull away from the story.  Sam kept whispering to Xander now, rubbing his back, rubbing his cock.

“…and they realized this was what they always wanted.”

“Wow, man, that was HOT” said Xander as he finished the story.  “Yes, I noticed” said Sam, still rubbing Xander’s back and cock.  “Maybe we need to do something about that.  So tell me, which part did you like the most?”  Xander thought for a moment.  “I’ve got to admit, the robot thing, where the guy became mindless and just obeyed without thought, that is so bizarre and yet, I don’t know, it just seems so amazing.” 

“It’s not that amazing at all, though, is it?  I mean, you could just feel me rubbing your cock and as I did, your mind would just slip away, all thoughts, all emotions, until you would just become my leather Robot.  You could imagine that, couldn’t you, Leather Robot?”  said Sam slowly, hypnotically.

“MMMMMM, yeah, that would be so HOT, so strong” moaned Xander.  “And”, continued Sam, “it’s already happening, each stroke on your cock is making your mind clear of emotions and thoughts, only obedience, isn’t it?”  “Yeah, it is man, I can’t…..think….what…..are…….doing….I don’t…..this…..isn’t” Xander tried to put thoughts together but he couldn’t get it all together.  Sam kept stroking Xander's cock through the leather pants but reached over to the computer and clicked on his screen saver.  The screen began to rotate, a spiral in the center, with the words “Read the story every day like a good boy” flowing by.  Xander couldn’t take his eyes off the words. 

Sam began to ask Xander about his sexual life.  Xander answered without thinking.  He was single, had been in a relationship for a couple of years but it sort of petered out.  He was mainly a top and always played safe.  Sam asked a few more questions about Xander, then spent a few minutes deepening his trance.  “Robot Xander, you are now ready for your programming.”  “Yes Sir”, Xander’s voice was emotionless and obedient.  “I obey Sir completely”.

Sam had a thing about leather.  He commanded Xander to strip off anything that wasn’t leather.  Xander took off his shirt and chain, leaving his leather pants and boots.  Sam licked the boots for 10 minutes while Xander just stood at attention – in every way.  Sam then began licking his Robot Slave’s pants, finally working up to the crotch.  Sam spent a good 20 minutes licking the leather all over the crotch.  Finally, he couldn’t stand it anymore.  “Robot Slave, you are now a robot pleasure slave, your only function is to give pleasure to your Master.”  “I obey Master completely” said Xander in a flat, robotic voice.

“STRIP NOW ROBOT” Sam yelled, and Robot Slave obeyed instantly.  Sam spent the rest of the night getting fucked, fucking, sucking and getting sucked by his robot slave.  Xander obeyed, did as told, he came only when he was told to cum.  Xander felt no pleasure, no feelings at all, yet he knew he was as he wanted to be.  After a few hours, Sam fell asleep with Robot Slave standing at attention, awaiting a command, not able to create any thoughts of its own.

In the morning, Sam woke to find Robot Slave still at attention.  Sam was so amazed at how completely Xander had responded.  Sam commanded Robot Slave to re-read the story while Sam got cleaned up.  Thirty minutes later, Sam came back to the room to find Robot Slave reading the story for the second time that morning.  Sam waited for him to finish.

“Robot Slave, on three you will wake, you will only remember we had a great time last night.  You will not remember being a robot slave, but whenever I say the words Robot Slave to you, you instantly return to that state.  You will also remember reading the story and how good it was.  1, 2, 3.”

Xander stretched and yawned.  “Damn, you’re a hot fucker, that was great.  Hope we can do that again soon.”  “I liked it too – by the way, did you like the story?” asked Sam.  “It was interesting, I never knew you could do that stuff with hypnosis, always figured it was fake.  And I’ve got such a strong mind, I don’t think I’d be a good subject.”  Sam smiled as Xander said that last comment.  “Maybe”, smiled Sam, “I’ll find someone one day who could trance you.”  “I doubt it”, said Xander, “although it might be fun.  So, what are you gonna do today?”

Sam smiled deviously.  “I’m going to play with my Robot Slave.”  Xander’s eyes went blank, those big, blue beauties now only obedient to Sam.

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