READ THE STORY  -  Part 18: How To Screw Your Banker                     by SDVMIA

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“…and they realized this was what they always wanted.”

The previous weeks had been a busy week for the Master.  He’d found a realtor (not Chuck, the Master didn’t want to take any chances that he’d remember even slightly what happened a few weeks ago).  He’d told the realtor he wanted a very large house, but he was willing to get a fixer-upper if the price was right.  He also wanted a place that was already empty so he could move in immediately.  He wanted something with at least 7 bedrooms, 5 baths and a huge yard and some privacy.  It didn’t have to be in the best part of town, but nothing really bad.  Being on the outskirts of town was okay too, he didn’t need to be close in.  He told the realtor he didn’t mind driving into town.

Ben had seen 12 houses, the cheapest being almost a million dollars (San Diego real estate had gotten pretty expensive), and that one wasn’t even close to being what he wanted.  There was one that fit everything he wanted, but that was 3.9 million dollars.  Ben knew he’d find what he needed, he was just concerned it was going to take longer than he expected.  Then, house 13 – it was in Bonita, about 10 miles from San Diego.  The realtor showed him around the neighborhood, noting the number of houses that were either being remodeled now or had been recently redone.  The realtor expected the neighborhood to become one of the nicer areas within a couple of years. He led him to a house at the end of a cul-de-sac that was on a hill overlooking the city lights.  The house showed a lot of age, even though it was built in the 60’s.  There was a gate in the front and a wall.  They drove through the gate into a large circular driveway which was overgrown with trees and bushes.  The lawn had been recently mowed, so the discrepancy between the cut lawn and jungle-ish bushes was a bit odd.

The house was two stories, with 8 bedrooms, a formal living room, dining room, a huge family room, a game room, a gigantic kitchen, even servant’s quarters, some “bonus” rooms and a 5 car garage reached from the driveway extension that went around the side of the house.  There was a huge Olympic-sized swimming pool in need of a makeover, and an 8-person spa.  The back yard was huge, with a wall running along both sides and a black metal fence along the back.  The view down the hill was quite nice, nothing fancy but it gave an openness to the entire home. 

The place needed tender loving care – and maybe a couple of carefully applied sledgehammers.  Ben could see the possibilities.  The agent said the home, if it were in perfect condition, would probably bring over 2 million.  The original owner had lived there until about 10 years ago, when his wife died.  He didn’t want the huge place and sold it.  The new owner was a Japanese businessman, but when his company had a financial turnaround 3 years ago, he had to sell the home as he couldn’t afford the upkeep.  The new owner was very rich, but unfortunately he died shortly after buying the house.  His relatives had fought over his assets and frozen everything.  The house fell into disrepair.  It was only in the last month the court had settled the estate and ordered the home sold “as quickly as possible to avoid further devaluation”.  An appraiser was hired and he valued the property in its current condition at 1.3 million.  Ben knew this was what he wanted.  He told the realtor to make up an offer for 1.1 million and he’d contact him the next day to finalize it.

Ben called Janice at the bank.  Janice was the Mortgage Loans vice-president.  He was introduced to her by Mark in the Loan Department at the bank.  Ben had gone onto and AOL a few weeks ago, looking in the chat rooms for someone who worked in a bank mortgage department.  He found Mark on and private messaged him, asking about mortgage rates, the bank’s policies and more.  As he talked to him, he started using his skills so that after a few minutes, when Ben suggested he call Mark, Mark instantly agreed.  On the phone, Ben managed to stealth trance Mark very quickly and found out about him.  Mark was single and lived with a roommate who was straight.  Ben had Mark come to meet him at his place.  He spent the evening deepening Mark’s trance, then getting all the information he’d need to get approved for a loan.

Even with his great credit rating, his savings and the home he was selling, it looked like Ben would not qualify for the kind of money he’d need for a home.  Of course, he was going to have a lot of other money coming in from his boys, but he realized that wouldn’t help him with the bank.  There’s rarely a place on the form for that:  “Income from work.  Savings.  Income from investments.  Income from hypnotized slave boys.  Other assets your boys have given you.”  He found out from Mark that Janice was at a level high enough to give special treatment to certain highly credit worthy customers.  Ben programmed Mark to create an introduction for him to Janice.  Mark and Ben discussed the kinds of things that would impress Janice enough to give her approval.  Of course, Ben also intended to hypnotize her, but he wanted a backup plan in case hypnosis wasn’t enough.  When it came to money, some bankers just couldn’t be hypnotized to give anything away!

Mark gave Ben a few suggestions about how he should dress, act, and the kinds of prior investments he should talk about.  Mark had dealt with clients who didn’t have a lot of money on paper, but had all sorts of hidden assets, some of which could not be easily confirmed, yet the bank would give them money IF they had the right connections.  Fortunately for Ben, Mark knew some of these people who were the “right” ones, and a few of them were gay.  Three of Mark’s clients had only agreed to finalize the deal with the bank if Mark would sleep with them, and Mark was ambitious and horny, so he didn’t have a problem with that.  He had remained good friends with the three of them, so when he called and said he had a guy who was looking to invest a lot of money in their projects, two of them agreed to meet with Ben (the third was out of town for a month on business). 

It didn’t take long at each meeting for Ben to get the guys into trance.  He’d made sure to meet in a casual environment, and of course Mark would attend to formally introduce them.  He wasn’t dressed formally, though.  In both cases, Mark had been programmed by Ben to wear something casual but tight, something that would draw the conscious attention of the guy they were meeting.  In both cases, Ben was able to use their hunger for Mark’s body to his advantage.  The first meeting was at a very upscale restaurant.  They sat in a booth in the corner which was quiet and private, somewhat shielded from the main part of the restaurant.  Tom was 42, average looking, although Mark had told Ben he had a hot, tight ass and they’d get together occasionally for a fuck (got to service my accounts, Mark had said).  Mark sat in between Tom and Ben.  Ben had specifically done that so Tom would be able to look at Mark a lot while Ben was talking.  Mark, for his part, was programmed to mimic and mirror Tom’s movements subtly, just as Ben would be doing.  Within a few minutes, Tom was groping Mark’s leg and cock under the table.  Mark’s cock was hard (as per Ben’s programming) and it didn’t take long for Ben to use Tom’s attention on Mark to get into his unconscious mind and trance him.  Mark was programmed not to pay attention to any of the programming Ben would be doing with Tom.  By the end of lunch, Tom was talking about how he and Ben had known each other for years and how well they’d done investing together.

The other meeting was at Mark’s house.  Mark invited Samuel for lunch by his pool.  Ben had dressed casually but smartly in shorts and an expensive polo shirt.  When the doorbell rang, Ben went to answer the door.  He had told Mark to jump in the pool as soon as Samuel arrived and to come out just as he brought him out back.  Samuel was 32 and quite handsome, although his loose-fitting pants hid the huge cock Mark had told Ben about.  Mark was a bit of a size queen when it came to getting fucked, and Samuel more than fit the bill…or should I say the ass.  Mark was wearing an extremely small Speedo.  He actually didn’t own one, Ben made him go out and get it the day before the meeting.  He told him to get the smallest one he could find that fit.  Even though the pool water was about 75 degrees, Mark stepped out of the pool with a rock hard cock which was just barely contained in the Speedo.  Ben could see Samuel lose all focus on everything except that Speedo as soon as Mark came out of the pool.  Ben didn’t waste a second.  He simply grabbed Samuel’s arm and pulled him forward, yelling SLEEP at the same moment.  Samuel was startled and instantly dropped into trance. 

Mark was surprised to see this, since he had no idea he himself had been hypnotized (Ben had given amnesia suggestions to Mark, although he easily obeyed Ben now even when awake).  “Hey, what are you doing…” Mark started to say.  “FREEZE” said Ben, and Mark stopped in mid-stride, mouth still open about to say another word.  Ben looked at Mark for a moment.  “I would really love a hot fuck with that stud” Ben thought to himself.  However, the weight of Samuel’s body leaning against him quickly brought him back to the issues at hand.  He had Samuel sit down and spent 30 minutes programming him with all the information he’d need to be of use to Ben.  As with Tom, he inserted the memory of doing other investments with Ben in the last couple of years and how good he was as a man and as an investing partner.  He then had Samuel stand where he’d been when he first tranced him. 

Ben walked over to Mark.  Mark was still frozen in place, cock barely contained in his speedo.  He was about to give him a suggestion when he realized Mark was now completely dry.  Ben took a moment to enjoy the view of his banker statue, then began giving him his commands.   “You will not remember anything about seeing me trance Samuel.  When I snap my fingers you will turn around and walk into the pool, getting your body wet.  You will then step out of the pool and as you do you will wake completely and come over to Sam and me.”  Ben snapped his fingers and Mark turned towards the pool.  Ben walked back over to Samuel and just as Mark was stepping out of the pool he snapped his fingers next to Samuel’s ears.  Ben’s timing was perfect.  Mark looked over and said HELLO a moment after the finger snap.  Samuel didn’t remember a thing about his trance and spent the next hour over lunch telling Mark all about his experiences with Ben – all the experiences that Ben had just inserted in his mind. 

Samuel was a bit older than Mark and younger than Ben, but he had a nice body.  It was getting a bit warm and Mark was going to jump in the pool again.  He had remained in nothing but his speedo and a towel over his shoulders.  “Wish I could join you” said Samuel with a wink.  “Come on, the water’s great” replied Mark.  “I didn’t bring a swimsuit.”  “And is there a problem with that” said Mark with a wink.  “I don’t know, you know I’m shy” said Samuel sarcastically.  “And what about poor Ben here?  I bet he didn’t bring a swimsuit either.”  Mark looked over at Ben.  Mark had already been programmed by Ben to do whatever it took to get Samuel focused on him, although as it turned out he didn’t need to do anything since Ben had tranced Samuel so quickly.  However, the programming was still there.  “Well, let me be the first to invite you both to join me in the pool, and don’t be shy” and with that, Mark stood up, put the towel on the chair, pulled off the Speedo, letting his still rock hard cock (those post-hypnotics were VERY powerful) bounce up and down a few times and headed to the pool.  Ben looked over at Samuel.  “After you” he said.  Samuel didn’t need a second invitation.  He stood up and started stripping.  Ben stood up and took off his polo shirt.  Samuel was already naked and heading for the pool. 

They all agreed the pool was quite nice, but after about 15 minutes they ended up in Mark’s bedroom on his bed.  Ben had a very nice afternoon fucking his two “old friends”.

Of course, when Janice called Tom and Samuel the next week, they gave her glowing reviews of Ben and told her she would be a fool not to loan him as much money as possible.  By the time Mark had brought Ben to meet Janice, she was about ready to give him the money.  However, she had one question.  Since Ben had been a blue-collar worker for so many years, how did he manage to get involved with these guys and have so much money put away?  Ben told her he’d worked very hard and saved all his overtime which was pretty substantial (that part was true).  He told her he’d had a friend from college who convinced him to invest with him in a project, which did very well.  He turned that money over into another project, then turned the profit from that into an investment with Tom.  He then turned his profits from there into a project with Samuel.  He told her he had a substantial investment (Samuel had been programmed to say Ben’s investment in the project was over a million dollars but he’d probably get back 2 million when the project was completed and sold) but it was not liquid, which is why he wanted the mortgage.  He also didn’t want to go through all the problems with supplying tax returns and all his other financial records, which is why he asked for the special meeting.  Janice didn’t need to be hypnotized.  She knew the two guys who recommended Ben and their credit ratings and record with the bank were impeccable.  Mark was an up and comer in the bank and Janice knew he wouldn’t go out on a limb like this unless he was absolutely sure this was a sound investment.  Janice told Ben she’d pre-approve him for any home up to 1.6 million, as long as he put down 5 percent at closing.  Ben smiled and thanked her for her help.

Ben asked for a fast closing, and the realtor was more than happy to oblige.  The court was contacted and within 5 days had agreed to the sale.  The closing took place on Monday morning.  Ben had opened an account at the bank and deposited the checks from his boys, plus his own money, so the account had over $100,000 at that point.  The bank took the five percent plus fees, leaving him with about $20,000.  The closing on his house occurred the day before he closed on the new place.  All the expenses of the sale plus the remaining amount of the mortgage on that house were paid, and his old bank account was credited with just over $242,000.  On Monday afternoon, Ben contacted a cleaning service and had them come over for an estimate on the new place.  He wanted them to clean the place so he could move in.  It didn’t have to be perfect, but he wanted the years of grime from sitting vacant removed.  He also called a pool company to get a quote on refinishing the pool and fixing the equipment.  Finally, he called a yard service and had the lawn mowed and all the bushes and trees cut back.  Ben decided to wait until the plan was complete for the pool to be fixed, but he did have them drain the pool, acid wash it, refill it and balance the water chemistry, which took 3 days to complete.  He went to a local furniture store and ordered 4 rooms worth of furniture, 2 bedrooms, a living room and stuff for the family room.  He also ordered a number of miscellaneous chairs and two recliners.  He went to a homewares store and ordered dishes, glasses, silverware, pots and pans and 25 sets of towels.  He scheduled all the deliveries for Friday.  He went to the local Costco and spent a fortune on food to stock the Sub-Zero refrigerator and freezer.  He called the phone company and had phone lines installed along with high-speed computer service.  He called the moving company and arranged for all the stuff from his old home to be delivered on Saturday.

It’s amazing what money can do.  Three days and $37,000 later, the house was in a “livable” condition.  The kitchen was clean and he could cook meals.  The washer and dryer were functioning (he’d replace those soon).  The bedrooms were all clean, even though the whole place needed a good paint job.  There was furniture in the Master bedroom including a nice King-sized bed.  More work was needed, a lot more, as well as a shitload of money, but that would come soon.  The Master spent his first night in the house alone, walking through every room, making plans for what he wanted. 

The Master knew it was going to work.  And now it was time to bring this plan to its conclusion.

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