READ THE STORY  -  Part 12: Mike Discovers A Problem                       by SDVMIA

“…and they realized this was what they always wanted.”

Mike would be moving soon.  He had been pretty busy at work and getting ready, so he and Paul hadn’t communicated much. There were a couple of phone calls, an email, the occasional yahoo IM.  Paul had mentioned the story each time, how horny it got him, although it was usually just a passing comment.  Mike, for his part, hadn’t even jerked off in a week.  He also felt a bit guilty about not doing some trance work with Paul.  Paul always enjoyed Mike’s trances (and so did Mike!), even online, and how sometimes he’d surprise him (when he knew he was alone at home) and just take him instantly.  Paul had mentioned it in the email but said the story was helping to deal with that.

Paul had not mentioned the new group he’d been invited to since he was told it was only for a few “select” guys and they were not to tell yet.  He really wanted to tell Mike and even sent a message to Stan asking if he could consider Mike for the new group, but Stan had responded that he couldn’t add anyone else at this time. 

Mike finally finished up his work, it was after 9 and he was too tired to get cleaned up and go out.  And he was damn horny.  He logged on, hoping Paul would be there, and sure enough he was.  “Howdy, Stud” he typed.  There was about a 2 minute delay, then “Hi, give me 5 minutes”.  “Okay”.  Mike checked his emails, looked at a chat room he went into a lot, but didn’t see anyone he wanted to talk to.  Almost 10 minutes had gone by when he got a message from Paul.  “Hi, sorry, but was in the middle of the story and had to finish it.  I REALLY love it”.  He then put a smiley face of a big hug to his friend Mike.

Mike knew what that meant.  It meant Paul had already shot his load, since he always shot after reading the story.  “Too bad, I was hoping to trance you and get us both off tonight, I’ve been so damned horny.”  He put a frowning face icon next to that and sent the message.  “No problem”, Paul typed, “I shot but darned if my cock isn’t still rock hard.  Maybe a little text or even a phone call.”  Paul clicked on a smiling devil’s icon and sent it.

Mike typed back “Sounds great, you HORNY STUD you.  You can already feel me FUCK you ass hard, can’t you boy?”  Horny Stud in caps was Mike’s trigger to put Paul into trance.  Fuck was his trigger for Paul to feel Mike’s huge cock fucking Paul’s ass.  There was about a 20 second delay, then Mike saw the little words on the bottom of the screen that meant Paul was typing a message to him.  Mike expected Paul’s usually oohs and ahs, or how great his cock felt.  Mike was quite surprised to get the message “So when are we gonna start?  Don’t feel anything yet.” 

“Did you get my last message, Paul?”  “Which one?”  “The one about you being a HORNY STUD and getting FUCKED.”  “Yes, I got that”, typed Paul.  Mike was getting another odd feeling.  Paul had always responded to his commands, even when Mike hadn’t tranced him for a few months.  “Paul, do you remember your trigger to go into trance for me?”  Paul responded “Of course not, you know I never remember it.”  That was true.  Mike was thrown for a moment and had forgotten.  “Can I call you now Paul” typed Mike.  “Go ahead”.

Mike called Paul and asked him if it was okay to trance him.  “Of course, why wouldn’t I want your hot sexy voice taking me!”  Mike spent a minute using his triggers which had no effect.  He asked Paul if he’d been tranced recently.  “Only one local guy, he tried on the phone but he stunk.  Didn’t even get off.  It was pitiful.”  Mike continued “Are you sure?  You don’t seem to be responding to my triggers.  Something isn’t right.”  Paul said “I don’t know, I’m sure that guy didn’t do anything.”

Mike was getting a red alert from somewhere in the back of his mind.  “Paul”, he started slowly, trying to think about what it was he wanted to ask, “that new story, when you read it, do you trance?”  “I don’t think so, although it does turn me on.”  “Is there anything about that story or from that group, anything that’s different since I last tranced you?”

Paul thought for a moment.  Well, there was the new part of the story on the new “invitation only” group.  But that couldn’t be trance, could it?  Well, whatever, he’d just tell Mike about it.  He knew he’d been told not to, but Mike was his closest, best friend who he trusted completely.  It would be okay to tell Mike, even if Stan had said not to say anything yet.  Paul was about to say something about the new group, but as he opened his mouth he found himself saying “I haven’t been tranced and everything is just fine”.  He wasn’t sure why he said that, but as soon as the words came out of his mouth he realized that he had not been tranced recently and that everything was just fine.  He totally forgot about telling Mike about the new group.

“Are you absolutely sure, there’s nothing, no other hypnotist, the group, the story?”  Again, Paul thought for a moment and then said “I haven’t been tranced and everything is just fine”.  Mike noticed the repeated phrase.  He was getting more anxious and suspicious.  He took another tack.  “So how’s work going?”  Paul spent a minute or two talking about his job.  When he finished, Mike said “And you’re sure you haven’t been tranced by the story or by another hypnotist lately?” and again Paul, after a couple of seconds, responded “I haven’t been tranced and everything is just fine.”  That did it for Mike, he knew there was a problem.

“Paul, I think there’s a problem with your triggers” he began, instantly coming up with a plan of attack.  “Mind if I ask your subconscious a question or two as we’ve done before?”  “Sure, go ahead” said Paul cheerfully.  Mike was used to getting responses from the unconscious mind even while a person was awake.  “Unconscious, do you remember the triggers I set in you in the past?”  “Yes” was the immediately reply.  “Do they still work?”  “No” was the reply, followed by an odd sound from Paul.  “That’s odd, wonder why they aren’t working” asked Paul innocently.  Mike continued on.  “Unconscious, has Paul been in trance lately without realizing it?”  “Yes”.  Paul actually gasped as he realized his answer.  He was suddenly feeling scared.  “Mike, what’s going on, this isn’t right.”

Mike was just about to calm him when he heard Paul suddenly breathe in deeply and then out.  Paul said “I haven’t been tranced and everything is just fine.”  “Paul, do you remember me asking you about my triggers just now?”  “No, what are you talking about Mike?”  Mike knew what was happening, but he wasn’t sure if the next thing would work.  He crossed his fingers as he held the phone.

“Paul”, Mike barked in a very strong, authoritative matter, “You know who this is speaking to you, don’t you cockslave?”  “Yes, Sir.”  Good, Mike thought, he said Sir.  “Cockslave, you must obey, you have no choice, you are a slut cockslave SLEEP NOW Sleep deep relax conscious sleep way down as you resist you only go deeper to sleep now conscious sleep now and unconscious come up to me as the conscious sleeps.”  Mike waited, literally holding his breath.  The seconds seemed endless.  Mike feared for his friend Paul. 

Mike waited for the next words from Paul.  They might be the most important words he ever heard.

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