Preston glided his paint brush across the canvas. The only colors on the pallet were grey and black. He wanted the final product to appear grayscale. That fit the mood best. He paused for a moment and looked back to his model. Something was missing. He’d pretty faithfully reproduced on the canvas what he was seeing in front of him, but it still didn't seem complete.

He’d only been painting for four weeks, since the start of his elective art course. So far, he quite enjoyed it. He was no Picasso, and he wasn’t going to become one during a general studies course. He did find it relaxing though. He could see himself continuing to paint, even once the course was over.

That possibility was a certainty if he could keep working with models like Ivan. The man stood before him, radiating masculinity. He was toned, handsome, and he had a scent that drove Preston wild. Preston wished he could find a way to capture Ivan’s natural fragrance in the painting.

Ivan held his pose faithfully. He was kneeling on a desk in the front of the room, totally nude. His abdominal muscles were tensed and impressive. He had one hand on his hip and held the other in front of his crotch. He did not move an inch. His face was placid, expressionless.

At first, when Preston had asked Ivan if he would model nude, he’d been very reserved. Despite having such as alluring body, Ivan was self-conscious. Preston had been trying to help him to overcome this insecurity. Looking at Ivan now, no one would ever guess he’d had this problem. He looked completely serene, posing there naked.

There was a knocking sound behind Preston and he whirled around in surprise.

“Sorry, didn’t mean to startle you.” Amber, one of the other students in Preston’s class was standing in the doorway. She walked over to the desk where Preston was seated. “Pretty good,” she said, while briefly taking her glance away from Ivan and looking at the painting. “Impressive... for a newbie,” she jibed. But it was followed by a  chuckle, “I guess you find this image inspirational.”

Preston tried not to visibly show embarrassment. “Uh, yeah, I guess so.”

“I’m heading out. Mrs. Ramirez asked me to make sure the door is closed and locked. Mind taking care of that when you are done?”

“Sure,” Preston agreed. “I got it.”

“Great. I’ll see you Monday.” Amber returned to the door, then looked back. “Goodnight, Ivan.”

The immobile man didn’t reply. Amber’s brow furrowed. “Hey, are you going to the Alpha Phi mixer on Saturday, Ivan?” Still no reply. Amber looked very confused.

Shit, Preston thought. Ivan’s mind was completely empty. He wouldn’t register a word Amber was saying. There was no way for Preston to snap him out of his trance without revealing to Amber that Ivan was hypnotized. Preston felt like an idiot. He should have given Ivan an easy wake-up trigger that he could use without looking suspicious. Why would he hypnotize Ivan in a public location without a failsafe?

“Ivan?” Amber said curiously. She seemed very concerned now.

“He can’t…” Preston started thinking fast. “He can’t talk.” Amber looked to Preston, clearly wanting answers. “Um… he’s under… orders! Yeah, he’s under orders from his frat big not to speak until he gets back to the frat house.”

Amber’s concern melted away. “Oh, I see.” She laughed. “I thought that kind of thing only happens when you first joined.”

“Yeah, well, Ivan still has to follow his big’s orders I guess. His big told him he had to be my silent nude model today, so here we are.”

Preston had no idea who Ivan’s big was. He prayed to God that Amber didn’t know either.

Amber smiled mischievously, then crossed the classroom towards Ivan. Preston’s heart was racing as she walked up in front of Ivan and looked him over.

Amber waved her hand in front of Ivan’s face. Still, she got no reaction from him.

“Yoo hoo, Ivan.” she said.

Ivan’s trance was very deep and he was a great subject. His conscious mind was totally unaware of Amber’s presence, due to the statue suggestion Preston had given him. Of course, if Amber were to try to hurt Ivan survival instinct would override the suggestion and he would defend himself, but barring something like that, Ivan would remain in his statuesque state until told to awaken by Preston, or until he collapsed from exhaustion.

“Wow.” Amber said. “Ivan, you are really good at this.” She giggled. “Remind me never to play poker with you, you clearly have an unnatural level of control over your body.” Amber turned back towards Preston. “You know, I visited England with my family the summer after high school graduation. We saw those guards, the ones who aren’t allowed to react to anyone. I wanted so much to mess with them but my parents wouldn’t let me.” She looked back to Ivan. “Sorry Ivan, I can’t resist.” Amber poked the side of Ivan’s abdomen with her index finger.

Preston knew for a fact that Ivan was very ticklish. Normally, he would have doubled over in reaction to the jab, but that instinct was suppressed by hypnotic programming. Ivan remained as rigid and immobile as ever.

“Wow.” Amber said. She poked again in a slightly higher location. Then again. “The punishment for disobeying your big must be harsh.” She said to Ivan. She made a fist and gave Ivan’s shoulder a light punch. Still there was no response. Amber laughed again. “Okay, you win.” She walked back to the door. “I’ll leave you and your Ken doll be. Please, lock the door.” She said to Preston.

“Will do.”

Amber disappeared into the hallway. Even though Preston had been hypnotizing Ivan for weeks and knew he was a good subject, he was still impressed by Ivan’s ability to maintain his statue pose while being prodded by Amber.

A few minutes later, Preston had added the final details to his painting. He examined the canvas. Still, there was something missing. It looked just like Ivan, but the result was unsatisfactory.

Preston got up from the desk and put down his brush. He walked over to Ivan’s frozen form and examined his subject.

He reached out and placed his hands on Ivan’s chest. There was a slight quiver in the muscles as they struggled to hold the pose. Without hypnosis, Ivan wouldn’t have been able to hold the position for nearly so long. His conscious mind would have given up long before the point of exhaustion. Preston wouldn’t take him to that point either, but he would push Ivan’s body beyond his conscious point of comfort.

Preston’s hand slid down Ivan’s torso. His fingers traced the line between his abdominal muscles. Preston could see a stirring under Ivan’s hand. Apparently, the statue suggestion did not immobilize every part of Ivan’s body. Some things were just too fundamental to human nature to be subdued by the power of suggestion.

Preston leaned forward and kissed Ivan hard. Ivan didn’t respond to this in any way, except for another stirring below his waist

Ivan had contacted Preston weeks earlier from a picture-less profile on a gay hookup app. Ivan was bisexual and eager to explore his attraction to men. He could never let that become common knowledge in the frat house, however. So, he and Preston met clandestinely. Ivan had complained of trouble with focusing in some of his classes and Preston had offered to help with a little hypnosis session. When Ivan turned out to be such a good subject, the sessions quickly turned sexual. Preston knew that a closet case like Ivan would end up dating some sorority girl eventually, but he figured he would enjoy having him while it lasted.

It had taken time before Ivan would even acknowledge Preston in public. They had formed a bro persona for the sake of the outside world. Amber must think it strange that Ivan would agree to pose nude for his bro, even at the behest of his fraternity big. But she had walked out of the room seemingly amused and would leave it at that.

Preston kissed Ivan again and again the frozen man’s cock stirred. Preston reached down and grabbed Ivan’s wrist. He tried to move Ivan’s hand, but was surprised to feel Ivan resisting the movement. Ivan was taking the idea that he was a statue to heart it seemed. Preston did manage to push the hand away from the front of Ivan’s body and revealed his naked cock. Still, Ivan did not move.

Preston wrapped his hand around Ivan’s member and gave it a light tug. It grew hard within his grasp. Preston slid his hand up and down the shaft. He looked at Ivan’s face the whole time. Waiting for a break in his composure, but it never came. Ivan remained statuesque.

Preston looked down at Ivan’s hard cock. There. That was it, the missing component. Preston leaned forward until his mouth was within inches of Ivan’s ear.

“You feel my hand on your cock right now. You can feel my mouth on your lips. You will continue to feel my touch arousing you even though you will remain frozen and even though I will be across the room. You will not reach climax however, not while you are still a statue.”

Preston took a step back. Ivan still did not move. But, his aroused cock began to throb. Ivan would continue to feel as though he was being touched by Preston until Preston told him the sensation could stop. Ivan would be trapped at the very edge. Aroused, but unable to climax as long as the statue suggestion was still in place.


Preston walked back to the desk with his canvas. He added white paint to his pallet, and covered over the arm and the crotch portion of his painting. Then he added black to his brush and went to work updating his artwork to match the masterpiece he saw before him.

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    Great story. What happens next? Does Preston develop a following in erotic art and requests for more paintings? Is Ivan “encouraged” over time to model for increasingly erotic work? Perhaps Preston’s newfound art aspirations leads to a gallery show of erotic male art with Ivan as the featured model? Perhaps to encourage sales of his art, Preston encourages Ivan to provided a live performance piece for wealthy art patrons? I could see you taking this in a number of directions. Good job!
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    This is the best story I've ever read! I so want to be Ivan or to have Ivan!
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