Dave flopped down onto his sofa exhausted, it had been a very long day and his balls ached so badly. Stood up again for a hook-up by some skinny twink. He sat there, deflated, as he pulled out his 5-inch cock and began to beat it wildly. It had been months since he had gotten laid, he put it down to his physique. A few years of gym neglect and bad eating had ruined his appeal to what was once a life of regular sex and conquests with almost anyone he wanted. He was about to orgasm as a knock came at the door.

“Oh hell” he thought. He hastily pushed his erection down into his boxers and went to answer the door. Standing there was a tall muscular man, dressed in a tight shirt and jeans. He smirked, “Good afternoon sir! I’m representing an online merchandise company looking for delivery and collection men to hired with immediate effect. Comes with a lot of perks and free samples. Would you be interested?”

Dave looked the man up and down, “Not for me thanks, I don’t drive and I aint no delivery boy”.

“Very good sir”, the man said raising an eyebrow. He reached behind him and removed a small package from his bag. “Well look at our merchandise quality and we will send someone round later to hear your final opinion for the job. Consider it a gift.” Dave rolled his eyes, accepting the box before closing the door and heading back to his living room. He sat down and examined the small box. Nexus Toys, was the label. Pulling open the small box he gasped as his hands pulled out a large leather bondage harness. “What the…” He fondled the leather and nodded approvingly of the quality. This certainly was something he would wear from time to time. Dave stood up and removed his shirt, sliding the harness over his frame, damn it fit like a glove. Maybe it wouldn’t be so bad to be a delivery guy.

He sat back down and pulled out his dick. It was rock hard at the sight of his slightly rounded frame standing in such a hot harness. Up and down he stroked, faster and faster, closing his eyes as he fely overwhelming pleasure course through him. Unbeknownst, his body began to change. Months of fat and neglect melted away, replaced in buff muscle and toned frame. His dick grew in his hand, thickening and lengthening until his fingers could no longer surround it. Dave opened his eyes and stood again looking at himself and his new body equipped with even more accessories, his pants now rubber and sculpted to his bulge. The doorbell rang again, not even bothering to cover up he walked to the door and opened it. Before him stood a slim good looking twink boy, carrying a small tablet and looking up at the muscular Dave.  The boy smiled seductively, “Would sir be interested in joining the company? I’m here to let you test out our gift.” 

Without a second thought Dave dragged the boy inside, pulling down his pants he slid his new cock into the boys tight hole right there in his hallway. The boy moaned, riding the dick as hard as he could until he felt Dave cum deep inside him. Throwing him to the floor, Dave flexed as the transformation became permanent. He marched outside, climbing into the waiting van, ready to deliver….and collect all the boys who purchased from the companies site.  The boy picked up his tablet and looked up smiling, “Welcome to the company,” he said before following Dave outside. He sure loved his job, testing out the new collectors.

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