I always wanted to wear a rubber body suit, the sort that has a T shirt top, and short sleeves, but with fitted  feet, so I could wear it all day under my suit.




I spotted an ad on the internet, which said “One size latex suits, fits ANYSIZE, please state, with or without hood, Neck to Toe, or T Shirt style top to toe, and male or female, colour, supplied with all instructions” and the price. After I picked myself up I decided I HAD to have it. I paid by credit card and could hardly contain myself for the next two days,




It arrived one day later, I opened the very small package and a small rubber scrap fell out, I knew it was my suit as it was maroon. It fitted into my hand!. There were also two small bottles and an instruction booklet.




It was only 10am, I could not wait, up to the bathroom I went.




The first bottle held a rather smelly green liquid, the instructions on bottle said to shower and use the contents from the neck down as soap with plenty of water as it was a hair removal substance and would prevent bod hair from re growing. I shave my cock n balls anyway and like the smooth look, 10 minutes, not quite so sure, I have NO hair at all on my body from the neck downwards, Odd.




I dried off, the next bottle was in red and contained a clear pleasant smelling think oily substance, instruction said to gently apply to all parts of the body where the suit would touch. I did this and it made my skin very slippery.




The scrap of rubber purposing to be a suit, had only a neck entry, so I opened the neck wide and gently eased my legs down inside the hole. The strange thing was that although it really stretched wide open at the neck the material never seem to thin out. I pulled it up over my feet ensuring that each toe fitted well, over my feet and up my legs I was up to my crotch now, the rubber on my legs felt amazing, it seems a lot thicker and stronger although so small. Now I had to ease my cock and balls into the sheath, a bit difficult as the entrance had a thick small ring and I had to really push my gear through, it went in with a plop, and fitted very snugly. By now I was feeling a little apprehensive as the suit so far, seemed to fit extremely well, more like a second skin.




I finally pulled it over my butt cheeks and then really got worried the anal sheath started to work its own way down my butt hole, I could feel it sliding down and inside me a small plopping noise which I realised was the ring on the end of the tube anchoring itself well inside me.




I pulled the rest of the suit with its T shirt top up and slipped my arms through the sleeves, the suit virtually did this itself. I looked in my long mirror, the suit looked superb. I shined beautifully an fitted like a dream. Did I really have a cock and balls as big as those n the mirror? I looked a little closer, Hell, they were growing, my cock was all of 13” long and leaking pre cum, the veins on the outside visibly throbbing, my balls were gently vibrating with power and cum.. I could not resist stroking my cock, t got so hard it really hurt, just before I let go of the biggest cum shot ever, it flew from my cock head and splattered down the mirror, shot after shot, before I stopped..




Just then, my door bell rang, I had to leave the mess, and tried to take off my suit to go down stairs, Wait, where was the neckline ridge?, couldn't waste time, pulled on my jeans, and went downstairs and opened the front door.




A well built guy stood there, asked my name and said he had come to check on my suit, “Oh” I replied “It's fine, I have it on under these jeans, finding it hard to remove the top though”


“That's right Alan” He said. (He knows my name??) “Didn't you read the instructions?, You have purchased a Lifelong Rubber suit, indestructible and basically its on you until you die. The oil you rubbed on your body, bonded the suit permanently to your skin and is now part of you, I think you may already be wanting to try and take a cock up your new rubberised anal passage?”




I was, I had to admit to myself. “Well I could do with some relief right now errr?” He looked at me and smiled, “Just call me Sir, that will suffice”




He was looking at my very obvious boner, the way he looked at me was hypnotizing , me my cock was straining to get out of my pants, to my horror a wet sticky mark appeared by my waistband, and it was plain to see it was pre cum. My butt hole was itching and I put my hand around to scratch it, a point which ***Sir*** failed to miss and he smiled again.




I asked him inside my home and we went upstairs to my bedroom. “You may call me Richard, and I feel you really need to shed your Jeans right now”




I dropped my Jeans and my cock sprang out, even I gasped, it was at least now 14” long and girthy, the black rubber head was dripping thick blobs of cum, my balls were shaking and I wanted to get fucked pretty dam quick. I felt a hand on my shoulder, Richard had removed his coat and stood there, in black shiny rubber from head to toe, His black rubberised cock was huge and I felt a frisson of panic, could I take something that big?




He gently pushed me over the chair and I felt a hard pole playing around my butt hole, he started to push inside, fucking hell, it hurt, I could feel cum already running down inside me, at least it lubed me up.. “Hold on Alan, getting ready to go in full way and fill you up” I braced myself I felt in a strange daze, was this really happening to me?. Suddenly I felt a massive belt of cum hit my insides, jet after jet. I felt something running down my legs and looked down, rivers of thick cum sliding down my legs, I heard Richard say “Enough for now, I will meet you again soon” and I passed out.




I had a stupid dream about getting the rubber suit of my dreams, having a dick of death and balls to die for, and also an amazing anal passage that could handle monster cocks. I woke up with one hell of a head ache, and really stinking bedroom. I got out of bed to open the blinds and looked down I was clad from neck to toe in maroon shiny rubber, I was sporting a large boner and balls were like oranges. I let my hand drift around to my back and found a large opening where my butt hole was. Shit it wasn't a dream. I walked back to the bed, it was covered in dried cum and smelt awful. I stripped it and then went in the shower. The water felt lovely on my head and simply ran off my suit. I went downstairs and there on the hall stand was a small parcel with a note. Hi Alan, thanks for the fuck of a century, will call around tonight for a repeat performance, only this time I will be on the receiving end. Wear these rubber shorts ad they will hold your cock and balls firmly in place, you will have a hefty bulge in your pants, but so do lads of guys..... bi for now Richard. Xx##




end part 1.....


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getting into my new pair of rubber shrts with a cock and ball sheath and anal plug fitted on them....
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