“Fuck!” Ashley shouted to himself, tugging on his chastity cage. It had been 6 weeks since he locked himself to focus on his exams, once that was over he had gone to unlock only to snap off the key in the lock. He had tried pulling it off but his over sex drive had just made his balls swell with too much cum to allow the cage off without unlocking. He needed relief. Ashley tried desperately for weeks, using his old dildo and vibrator to get himself to cum but nothing seemed to work! Eventually he gave in and went online, looking for some better equipment to deal with his situation.

Nexus Toys

He clicked on the site, it seemed like any other sex toy site, if not an unusual brand name. He scrolled down till a nice-looking dildo caught his eye, “Drainer” it read as its name. He hastily bought it without even reading the description, I mean it was bigger than his current one so that had to work, right?

It arrived a few days later, he quickly opened the box and pulled it out, it certainly was impressive. A long 10 inch, silvery dildo lay in his hands, it felt soft and very realistic, he looked back in the box and found a small bottle. Complimentary lube, sweet! That wasn’t the only thing though, a small operations manual for a mobile app, apparently it helped with enjoying the product. Shrugging, he ran upstairs to his bathroom and attached the silvery dildo to the wall with the suction cup before applying the lube and gently pressing his hole against it. It wouldn’t go in. “Crap it’s too big” he thought, breathing deeply Ash decided to download the app while he waited for his hole to cooperate. Propping up his phone in front of him, the app installed and opened automatically.

Registered new user.

Chastity detected.

Initiating program 8462.

Ash frowned, how the hell could the app know this? Suddenly he felt the unmistakable feeling of his hole opening as the head of the dildo popped in. He moaned loudly as he continued to slide the entire length into his now willing hole. Once at the base he stopped to catch his breath, before him his phone lit up with a flashing, dazzling spiral. Mesmerised he slowly slid the majority of the out and begin riding his new purchase.

Sweat was pouring off him, it had been over an hour since he started and he could feel his cum building up, the spiral had stopped a while ago with a blank screen facing the now exhausted boy. Strangely though, he just couldn’t bring himself to stop riding, sure he could slow down but he couldn’t bring himself to remove the dildo despite how tired it was, it just felt so good. He kept riding “shit” he thought, wasn’t there something he was meant to do today? The second his thought appeared, the phone screen flashed briefly with the spiral, the thought slipped from his mind and he felt his cum load build even more. For the last hour, this had happened frequently. Every time he thought of something to stop him, the phone flashed, and the thought faded away and his load just built.

Mind to cum conversion complete.

Finishing conversion.


Suddenly he felt the dildo detach from the wall and he toppled forwards onto his hands and knees. But the dildo kept going. He moaned and flailed as the dildo kept pumping into his hole, harder and harder, he grabbed at the toy desperately but with all his strength he could not stop it! He looked at his phone screen which had replaced with a countdown, he couldn’t even comprehend what was happening now, it just felt so good to submit to the pounding. He rolled over on his back, his straining cage pointing straight up towards his face as the dildo continued its assault. He heard his front door open, but he was too oblivious to notice, as the tall toned rubber man walked up his stairs and stood in the doorway of his bathroom.

“Looks like your just about done”, he smirked. Ashley looked around, moaning and panting in his direction as the countdown hit zero. The dildo slammed hard into his hole unleashing a torrent of cum, erupting from his locked cock like a stream of hot, thick, white piss, which showered his face, hair, and body. It flowed from him taking with it all his thoughts and will, draining him. After the last few spurts of cum finished dripping from his cock, the dildo shimmered and morphed into a nice big rubbery puppy tail. The dazed boy lay there, drenched in cum.

“Here”, the rubber man commanded pointing to the floor in front of him. Asley rolled to all fours and ran over like a puppy, looking up with a blank horny expression, completely mindless.

“We aren’t meant to try out the drained pups before sale…. but it can’t hurt”, the man said as he exposed his long, musky cock from within his tight rubber.

“Go on pup”

Ashley licked and sucked at the dick, all trace of his brains gone, forever to be a horny, chaste, sex toy pup. Completely drained, just as the dildo advertised, if only he had read it.

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