My mind raced as I came upon Jamie’s house. What should I have him do? Well, obviously whatever I wanted. I mean with what Hugh did to his dad and his roommate… The image of his dad standing there fully erect and ready for whatever really did for me. A horn blared at me shaking me from my thoughts. It was Jamie's dad Mattew. He waved at me and my heart skipped a beat.

“Well as I live and breathe if it isn’t Rick back in town I see.”

Matthew pulled up in the driveway. Makes sense since this was his house. He exited his Mazda MX-5, He was fully dressed in business professional, beard nicely trimmed wearing all black down to the tip of shoes. He had a couple more wrinkled lines on his face, but his simile that always made me weak in knees all those years ago nearly toppled me over know. He ran up to give me a bro hug. We clasped hands and thumbed each other. I reflexively sniffed him. Axe body spray reminded me of high school and I had a strange twinge of arousal and embarrassment.

“Dude Jaimie didn’t mention that you were back in town.”

“Yeah got back not too long ago. I was stomping through the old haunts and wound up here.”

I took a moment to gaze at his warm smile before I quickly added.

“Is Jamie home I was trying to call him, cause no one answered.”

Of course, no one would be I already knew that Jamie was home, and I could have asked Jamie if his dad was home, but now that I think about it he was kinda busy going down on Hugh’s dad. I sighed. Matthew thought I was disappointed in missing Jamie cause he said.

“No need to be down Rick, I’m sure Jamie just went to do the same thing you did.”

I winced, realizing the feelings of guilt I had. I mean who else wouldn’t jump at the chance to turn your old high school crush into a completely willing mind fucked meat puppet, but now that I got a chance to talk to him even if it’s just for a few seconds, I felt so awful. Once again Matthew misunderstood my reaction.

“Don’t worry dude, I’m pretty sure you didn’t just miss a few times.”


I buried my face in my hands to hide my redding face groaning so load. Seeming to try to relate to my blight Matthew said.

“Dude why don’t we go inside and get something to drink while you wait.”

I sharply inhaled. Even though I might not decide not to strip him of his free will. A small evil part of me wanted to strike when he turns his back. I gulped to fight back the urge. I nodded, and he right arm over me leading me in as if I just got dumped.


Once we were inside I calmed down and took a moment to admire the inside of his house. I nearly lost my cool when I saw all the pin-ups of playboy bunny girls intermixed with the marvel superheroes. He took one look at my face and must have thought I was impressed.

“I know right isn’t it so lit. “

Either my hearing just went bad or my friend’s dad who’s going into his late with more grace than some guys, just used the word lit unironically. I was dumbfounded, and judging from the I so proud of myself look that I seen on Jamie to many time I could tell he was lost in his own little delusion.

“Dude you haven't seen anything yet.”

He throw off his shoes and ran into his living room. I took off my shoes and followed him. When I got to the room he was standing like a model right off the price is right.

“Isn’t this TV just so fuck lit!”

He did a little victory dance, it was awkward to sit through. I could really use that drink know.

“Give me a second I got something to show you that you'll think is hilarious.”

With those vague words, he ran upstairs. I now had to try to come to terms with the fact that my old crush that I still kinda bang, a little less now, but still a lot was now going through some sort of mid-life crisis. I slapped myself for not taking Jamie off Hugh’s dad cock and getting some more info out of him.

“How could I been so short-sighted.”

I whispered to myself as I tend to do when trying to get some stress out.

“Well, on the one hand, he kinda struggling to come to terms with the fact that’s he's getting older. On the other hand, what right did I have to judge him for how he lived his life. I pulled out my MIND and started rubbing it. If I take him then I could have so much fun, on the other hand, it’s so wrong. Oh god, what should I do?

“What’s that Rick?”

I jumped like I was caught masturbating by my dad. I turned and saw that Matthew came back down holding a package of diapers. I raised an eyebrow and he smiled forgetting about my MIND and proceeding to what he wanted to show me.

“When I was dating this Mexican girl she said that I was like a daddy to her.”

He laughed and in a shitty Mexican ascent said.

“Oh daddy passle change my diaper, I been a bad girl.”

He whipped out his phone and started to show off this woman in diapers.

“Wait why are you showing this to me?”

“Dude isn’t it obvious?”

Oh yes so obvious that’s why I had to ask.


“Well, you see this little bitch decided that I wasn’t good enough for her so she wanted to go pely with another daddy. She just up and abandoned me, so I decided as payback to show the world of this little whore.”

My face turned into a frown.

“As far as the diapers go she left them in her rush to get out. Today’s the day theses bad boys go on my facebook.”

I was mortified to hear about this. I mean yeah she shouldn’t have cheated on her, but outing her fetish like that to a normal community of assholes could ruin her life.

“Or you could just let things be.”


“This could really fuck up her life.”

“So, what the bitch gets.”

I cringed at his outburst.

“Rick come on don’t be a fag, I’m going to say she’s a freak, I’m just sharing what she did.”

I exhaled feeling clam, knowing what I was going to do.

“Mr. Pinter please don’t.”

“Oh come on, Rick I didn’t think you were so gay.”

I wrinkled my nose and held my MIND close to his face.

“Look at this real quick.”

“Oh yeah, the hell is it a dil-“

I pushed the button on the side before he finished. A light flashed white real quick. He seemed disoriented before I hit again. He stared blankly at me completely transfixed. I had a moment of fear that I might have ruined this human being for my own sexual exploits. My phone chimed and I saw that I received a message for Ed’s asshole of a brother Greg. I was to ignore the video when Hugh sent out a message explaining what he did to Greg.

“Hey, Mr…. Matthew… Matt go sit on the couch and wait for further instructions.”

He did without complaint. My cock twitched with how stiffly he moved. I played the video and thought I was going to ruin my underwear. See what Hugh did to that neo-nazi wanna be was one part deeply horrifying and one one of the most erotic things I saw. I turned back to Matthew still sitting there.

“Well since I already mind fucked you, might as well make it worth my while.”

I approached Matt who started up at unblinking waiting for his next commend. This is going to be fun. I reached next to him and opened up on of the diapers.

“Ok Mattie, you're going to lose the suit and wear this diaper. If your going to act like a baby you will be dressed like one understand?”


His dry monotone was hot but not good enough for me.

“From now on you call me daddy understand.”

“Yes, Daddy.”

With that, he got up and removed his jacket, tie, and shirt revealing his maturing beer gut. I guess even though he was going through a mid-life crisis that in itself wasn't enough to get his ass up and active. Will need to fix that later. I almost missed the flash of his bareass as he took off his pants and underwear. His movements had a lot to be desired. He seemed to have a problem getting his pants off his ankles. He couldn’t properly bend over.

“Here I’ll help you.”

I got down and slowly started pulling off his pants he mumbled a yes daddy and was finally nude.

“Before you get dressed Mattie get dressed stand there for me. Be still don’t move unless I move you understand?”

“Yes Daddy, I will be still unless you move me.”

And like that he stopped moving. Eyes staring forward unblinking and totally unfocused. I felt my cock shoot up. This right here is one of the hottest things I ever did see! I walked up to him and took a moment to memorize his blank unmoving face. His cock was short stubby and probably wouldn't take much to get up and going. I tentative reached my hand out to touch his chest. I was expecting him to react to broke free form the MIND’s control. When he didn’t, when I only felt a faint whisper of his breath, I grab my cock through my jeans and started to gently massage it.

“Mattie go ahead and put the diaper on and stood still for me again.”

“Yes, Daddy.”

He spring into action right past me. Moving a lot smoother this time. He slipped on the diaper and stood completely still again. I ran and started to laugh out loud. He looked adorably ridiculous. As I caught my breath I started to rub my hands all over his body. He had a very light sprinkling of body hair. I coo and realized that this was no fun.

“Mattie whenever I touch you, you will feel super aroused and horny. You can still not move.”

“Yes, Daddy.”

I started groping him in earnest now. He moaned as I saw his dick come up against the diaper’s fabric. I could feel his body tense up trying to move but being unable to. I bit my lower lip trying hard not to pull an Ed.

I’m sure how long I stood there groping him, but I knew that my cock was starting to hurt from the strain. I looked at Mattie’s cock and saw it oozing pre-cum like a faucet. Like a champ, he didn’t stop moaning while I caressed him. I took this mommet to break away. Once I stopped touching the moans ceased and he stood there frozen and having his head peak out of the diaper. I wiped out my phone and took a couple of pictures. I found that he was cute wearing the diaper but it really wasn’t doing it for me. I changed from camera to video and hit record.

“Hey Mattie, go ahead and take off your diaper and do a little dance for me.”

“yes, Daddy.”

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