I whipped out my MIND and slowly approached the struggling men.

“Greg what the hell you doing!”

 Grant was a bit out of breath. Funny since this has been happening for less than a minute.

“Give me your cock old man! I need it inside me!”

Slave whimpered in agony not getting that cock in his mouth or ass.

“Greg get the hell off me!”

I peered around the corner. Slave was putting up one hell of a fight, but Grant was no pushover it seems. I narrowed my eyes and frowned. 

“Please, dad just let me suck you a little. You can call me shit head or your little fag all you like. You can even kick me as you do.”

Grant was speechless. So, was I, did he really think all gay guys were into physical torture like that? I shook my head and studied the situation a little more.

“Greg are you fucking high right now?!”

Grant sounded sorrowful, as he asked.

“No dad I was shown by my master what I truly am.”

“You're what?”

“My Master dad. He commands and I obey. He is my everything and I’m nothing before him.”

Slaves cock seemed to stiffen at his words.

“The hell Greg!”

“Give me your cock!”

I nodded my head and decided to enter the equation. I had to see what Grant has done to his wonderful body since I been away. I came out and was almost invisible due to the fight.

“Stop slave stand to the side until I tell you otherwise.”

“Yes, Master!”

He obediently stopped trying to get his fathers dick and stood off to the side like the slave he was. This seemed to send Grant into a raged filled panic.

“Who the hell are you and what the fuck did you…”

I cut him off with my MIND. I didn’t come here to give reasons for my actions. I came here to have this sexy daddy do as I command. Or at least before he shaved his bread. I sighed as he lay on the ground motionless like a robot. I went up to him and started rubbing his face. It was smooth to the touch. I winched. If I wasn’t clear before I love hairy men. If I had it my way all men would be required to have beards. If they could grow one and pull it off of course.

“Grant for the rest of time I’m your Master and your my slave. You will obey and all commands I give you without hesitation or second thought. Understand slave.”

“Yes, Master.”

His voice was so dull and inflectionless I couldn’t help but suck in some air trying not to get too excited. Slave come here and suck me off. To my surprise, both men responded.

“Yes, Master!”

“Yes, Master.”

Slave and Grant nearly knocked me over getting my pants and underwear down. Slave Grant, on the other hand, moved slowly with a stiffness behind his actions. I guess calling them both slave would only leave me in situations like this. Both men were kissing and slobbering all over my cock.

“Grant, you will still be my devoted slave but I will continue to call you Grant.”

He mumbled yes master as both his and slaves lips touched while locking around my cock.

“Grant tell me why you shaved your bread. As you do so strip naked, as one of my slaves you no longer need clothing unless I tell you to dress.”

He dislodged his mouth from my cock. Giving Salve a chance to latch on.

“Yes, Master. About a year ago I started seeing this woman. Her name is Lilly.”

He started unbuttoning his dress shirt. I shook my head and made a ripping gesture with my hands. He took the hint and ripped his shirt. I’m happy that worked out.

“Lilly is so nice and wonderful Master, she been a great help around the house and…”

I repeated my gesture and he ripped off his pants. He droned on and on about how much he loved this woman. I felt like I was going to gag. By the time he was completely naked, I stopped him.

“Silence Grant.”

He closed his mouth and stood there staring at me.

“Tell me did she have you shave your body hair?”

“Yes, Master.”

Slave whimpered. I looked down at him and released I was grabbing his hair.

“Sorry Slave. Stop sucking me and stand next to Grant.”

He reluctantly pulled my cock out his mouth.

“Yes, Master.”

I marveled at the compensation of the two men. Here was Greg almost completely covered in hair and looking adorable. On the other hand, his father had some similarities, black hair and chubby, but he was pretty much free of body hair. I threw my hands up in frustration.

“What happened to the daddy I wanted to fuck cause he was so plump hairy!”

“Lilly dislikes body hair Master.”

I face pomped myself. 

“Of course she does. Grant brake up with her now.”

“Yes, Master.”

He spuing into action grabbing his phone from his discarded clothing. As he called this Lilly I started fingering Slave. He moaned in pleasure as I lost myself in thought. Now what? Grant is no longer the guy I wanted. There was some muffled outraged screaming coming from the other side of the line. Well, I guess I could go through with my plan. Plus its hair it will grow back especially if I command him not to cut it. I nodded in satisfaction and started fingering Slave in earnest. He was panting in pleasure and dry humping the air. He was fucking himself on my finger as I was fucking him.

“It’s done, Master.”

I looked over at Grant. The phone was back with the discard clothing. I pulled my fingers out of Slaves Ass, and he whimpered about it.

“Master please keep fucking me.”

I rolled my eyes and then it hit me.

“Grant until I tell you otherwise, you are the most obedient sex robot ever made. You obey all commands from me or Slave whenever we want. You will also obey all other authorized users. Understand.”

With a slightly robotic tone, he said.

“Yes. Master.”

“Ok, Slave go have fun with our new sex toy.”

“Thank you, Master!”

“Dad Fuck me!”

“Yes, Sir!”

I was amazed at the rate Grants cock grew. It went from soft to rock hard in the matter of a couple of seconds. The most amazing thing about it was that he didn’t even touch his dick. Slave told him a commend and his whole body responded to it.

“Incredible! He’s really like a sex toy now.”

Slave would have nodded in agreement if his father wasn’t currently pumping the full length of his cock in and out his son’s ass. Slave moaned in joy from the fucking. I decided to join in on the fun and stripped bare as well. I ran over to Slave and waved my cock in front of his face. Without a word he took it back in his mouth and sucked on it for all, he's worth.

“Now this is what I’m talking about! Suck harder Slave!”

I was rewarded with gaging as my Slave tried to deep throat me. I licked my lips and looked over at Dad Toy and frowned. I loved how he was mindlessly fucking Slave, but his face didn’t scream in eternal service to his Master I fuck when commanded.

“Dad Toy I want you to feel intense pleasure and unbelievable joy when you obey an order and while you do any sexual act that you're told.”

In that sexy robotic tone, he said.

“Yes, Master.”

Once he got the words out he smiled and began to moan. This caused him to fuck with more passion cause Slave started to moan around my cock. Must be great. I flashed a wicked grin and took my cock out of Slaves mouth. This time he didn’t whimper. Must be from his dad filling up so deep. When I came back Slave slide to the floor and was being fully fucked by his sex-charged father.

“Salve, Dad Toy stop fucking at once.”

“Yes, Master!”

“Ye..yes ma…Master!”

They stopped and stood fully erect waiting for my next command.

“Slave take this dildo and go fuck yourself .”

I tossed it at him and he attempted to catch it and it hit the floor with a dull thud. I laughed as he bent over to pick it up.

“Slave since you couldn’t catch it, you must now try to fuck yourself on that dildo while it’s on the ground.”

“Yes, Master!”

My smile broadened as my Slave tried in vine to shove his ass over the dildo. I believe, I really couldn’t understand what he was trying to do, but at this moment I didn’t really care he was preoccupied. I took Dad Toy’s arm and let him to his or I guess my study. My cock remained rock hard as he followed me, nice dumb grin on his face. I pushed open the doors.

“Dad Toy, I want you to take this dildo and fuck yourself on that desk over there.”

“Yes, Master.”

I hand him a nice fat brown dildo, it was one of my favorites I call it the cherry popper. It what I used when I took my roommate's mind and made him my first gay slave. Then when I tested it on my father I did the same to him, and now I finally get to use it on Grant! My Dad Toy took the dildo from me. He had to do a slight balancing act due to the amount of lube I smothered on it. Once he was able to it stuck to the desk he almost eagerly climbed over the top and implied himself on it. He cried out in pain and joy.

“Stroke your cock while you fuck yourself Dad Toy.”

“Ye…Y..Yes, Master!”

The look of conflict was so intense I thought I was going to cum just looking at him.

I started stroking myself in earnest for the first time in almost mouths. I finally had Grant in the palm of my hands.

“Dad Toy…. Grant when you cum. I want you to transfer all the feelings of love you had for Lilly to me your master. You will not only be my obedient Sex Toy and Slave but my hopeless devoted lover. Understand.”

His face which was one of conflict became one of intense pleasure.


He started fucking himself harder. I got worried that he might knock himself off the desk so I moved him to the floor. He didn't mind, a little bit too busy screaming in pleasure. It went on like this for a while. I’m not sure how long but I felt myself about to burst. 


Grant finally released his load. It shot straight up and over his head leaning behind him. I take it Lilly was also playing hard to get. That doesn't matter anymore since Grant looked at me with such love and affection that I released my own load all over his face. He smiled.

“Thank you, Master Hugh. What else may I do for you?”

I rubbed the top of his head.

“Clean up this mess.”

“Yes, Master Hugh.”

He bowed his head and left the room. A moment later as I was thinking of what to do with my Slaves. Slave actually walked in a look of triumph on his face.

“Master I was able to get the dildo in my ass!”

I nodded my head.

“Good Slave, Now lick up all this cum.”

“Yes, Master!”

He dropped to all fours and began to lick. Grant came back in and saw Slave cleaning up. I shrugged and waved him over to me. He obeyed and I went in for a kiss.


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