Just so we’re clear, I have full control of your dad.

Hugh’s voice was almost a whisper over the phone.

Yes, that’s right.

And I can have him do anything I want?

I was lazily stroking my new daddies’ cock. I enjoyed his soft moans of ecstasy. Hugh sounded agitated by my question.

Jamie didn’t you hear my explanation earlier?

I started fondling daddies’ balls. He whimpered in joy.

Boy please stroke my cock more.

It was a lust-driven whine. I pulled the phone away from my mouth.

No talking daddy just moans.

He obeyed by moaning his response. I quickly spoke into the phone.

Yes. Kinda. Ok no I didn’t, I was too busy sucking on daddy.

Daddy moaned in joy thrusting the air in excitement. Before I called Hugh, I ordered daddy to be hard while I was here, and to get my attention when he felt his cock soften. I smiled and resumed stroking his cock. Hugh sighed.

Since you apparently understand how to program him. I will keep it simple for you. He will obey all commend you or I give him. If you want him to obey more people you must command him to do so. He is for all intent purposes he’s a living breathing sex doll. He will not move or act without your direct instruction. Otherwise, he will stand still until told otherwise. Questions?

How… How do I get him back to how he was before?

"How… How do I, get him back to how he was before?"

"Before I enslaved him? Why?"

"No, no I meant when he, you know."

"Oh, you mean when he wanted to be with you. Correct?"

I nodded realized he couldn’t see me and speak out.

"Yes, I know it sounds sad, but I want to be with your dad. I want him to be my big sexy daddy. I think I love him, Hugh."

He moaned again. I picked up the pace feeling daddies cock grow in my hand.

"That’s simple all you need to do is exit rest mode. When programming the deceives I felt it prudent to have a normal feature installed for situations where you need them to not behave in an unusual way. Once you say this phase-out loud he will ask for inputs- “

Hugh, what you mean by input?

He cleared his throat.

"If you would wait for a second Jaime, I was about to explain …"

He moved the phone away from hearing and started muttering to himself. Well, that’s another 5 minutes of my fun time with daddy gone. Daddy was lightly bouncing, in all essence fucking my hand. Hugh yelled.

"Damn It all. Look Jaime when he asks for inputs tell him what you want him to think, to believe, to act, I don’t care, just know once you say it that will be his truth and he will act accordingly. For example, you exit rest mode and tell him he’s the family dog, he will be on all fours breaking. Now if you excuse me."

He hung up without another word.

"Jesus Hugh, I just wanted to have the most fun with daddy as possible."

I sighed and looked at him again. His eyes had huger behind them. He wanted nothing more than to have me jerk him off or use me to jerk off with as the pre-cum on my hand would suggest.

"Stop Daddy."

"Yes, boy."

He stopped thrusting, standing fully erect like his cock. I bet I could even tip him over. I giggled slurping up the pre-cum from my hands.

"Daddy exit rest mode."

"Your orders boy?"

"I want you to realize your not wearing pants being a little embarrassed at the fact that you’re not, but totally aroused at the fact that you are hard and naked from the waist down with me. I also want you to be ok with me touching you wherever I like. You will find this arousing and slowly you will just want to have sex with me."

"Is that all boy?"

One more thing. Don’t find me calling you Daddy instead of Mr. Study wired or unnatural, got it?

Yes Boy

I waited to see a fully shocked and weirdly horny Mr. Study walking about. He just stood there though. His cock deflated which was a bummer, but it was still semi-hard. I went to his face and waved a hand in front of him.

Daddy, didn’t I say exit rest mode?

No response. I grabbed his shoulders and shook him.

Mr. Study!?

He just rocked with mt shakes. I nearly hurt myself trying to stop him from toppling over. I had to settle with laying him on the ground.

Shit! Shit! Shit! What should I do? I whipped out my phone and called Hugh back. It rang and rang but no response.

Come on Hugh I didn’t want to hurt him. I just wanted his cock!

I started pacing around the basement. I got Hugh answering machine.

Damn it, Hugh!

I flung my phone across the room. It hit the wall with a dull thud. A manly voice groaned a bit.

Well damn, guess I’m not too old to take a nap on the floor.

I cried out.

Mr. Study!

I tackled the man while he’s down. He grunted and patted my head as I tried not to cry all over him.

Wow, claim down Jaime what's wrong.

I thought… couldn’t… sorry!

What do you mean sorry?

I blathered into his chest for a while longer. He didn’t say anything as I let it out. After a bit, I finally managed to claim down.

Feeling better Jamie?

I blabbed something incoherent. He just nodded and blushed deeply. I managed to acutely say words this time around.

What’s wrong Mr. Study?

He shrunk into himself, and his blush deepened even further. He stuttered.

I… well… my… Oh god… I can’t…. sorry Jamie I think it’s been a long time since I was like this.”


He shifted his legs trying to hide his erection. I smiled at him and he blushed and backed up a little.

Not so fast daddy!

I threw myself on top of him. He whimpered from what sounded like a mixer of embarrassment, anger, and sexual frustration. I started thrusting on his waist.

Jamie! No, stop it! This is highly inappropriate.

He weakly tried pushing me off. I pushed his shirt up and started licking his chest. He moaned, and his arms dropped to the floor.

 Jamie, I, I, can’t.

I stopped licking.

Can’t what daddy?

I can’t do this.

Do what do daddy?

It’s wrong.

But it feels so good daddy.

I know but-

I stood up. He looked a little relieved but very sad.

I understand daddy. I guess I’ll go.

He garbed me.


I just looked at him.

Please stay.


Don’t make me beg.

Why daddy I just don’t understand what you mean.

Have sex with me, Jamie. Please.

Of course, I would love too.

We kissed.

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