A few hours later, Max wakes up next to Dylan on the couch; both naked, arms around each other. He sits up groggily. “Wh....what happened, little bro?”

            Dylan stretched and opens his eyes. “Um...what are you doing, man?” He scoots away and sits up.

            Max looks around confused, fumbling for his boxers. “I...dunno dude....we must have fucking passed out...told you it was strong...”

            Dylan laughs nervously. “Uh, yeah man, I guess so.” He pulls on his board shorts. “So uh......maybe I should go unpack...” scratching the back of his head.

            Max rubs his forehead. “What time is it?”

            Dylan looks up at the clock. “12:30! Damn, we were out for hours!”

            “Fuck dude...yeah, go unpack. I’m feeling weird....gonna go to bed I think,” Max keeps rubbing his head. “Hey...did...was someone else here earlier?”

            Dylan looks confused. “No, just us. Unless you had someone over before I came home?”

            “I thought...” Max shakes his head. “Never mind, bro. Sorry about this. We’ll go easy on that shit next time. Max thinks to himself that Kyle must have been there, since he’s feeling the familiar post-trance blur.

            Dylan grins slightly. “Yeah, guess we went a little heavy there, huh?”

            “Yeah dude,” Max chuckles, “Yeah we did.” He looks over at the bench. “Were we working out?”

            “Yeah man,” grin widening. “Don’t you remember I beat you?”

            Max squints. “Yeah...I think so. Then...did we pass out watching TV or something?”

            “I guess man. You said you were gonna give me a massage and I guess we both passed out...” he shrugs, “...from the pot, I guess.”

            Max gulps at a dim memory. “Did I...massage you?”

            Dylan laughs. “No clue bro...I can’t remember a thing.” He stretches his arms and chest. “I feel great though, so  it’s definitely possible.”

            Max heaves a small sigh of relief. “Yeah man, must have been the pot. And yeah, Kyle used to massage me after all our workouts...” he cuts off suddenly, afraid he’s said too much.

            Dylan smiles. “Yeah, you were talking about that.”

            Max stutters, holding his shirt but not putting it on, seemingly forgetting he was about to leave. “I...uhm...I mean...yeah...but....”

            “Whatever he taught you must be amazing, because I feel like a million bucks!” Dylan slaps Max on the shoulder. He sees that Dylan seems upset, and asks, “What’s wrong, bro?”

            Max looks down, remembering more of what Kyle made him do to trance Dylan. “Nothing...just...glad you’re ok. I should go....” he sits unmoving, feeling Dylan’s hand still on his shoulder.

            Dylan rubs Max’s shoulder slowly. “You sure you’re ok?”

            Max feels an inexplicable wave of emotion. “Yeah...” he chokes up. “Yeah, I’m fine, really, just...weird...and the pot...I should go to bed...leave you to unpack...” unable to will himself to move.

            Dylan looks concerned. “Maybe you should sit down, you don’t look so good...”

            “Yeah...sit down...” Max feels a wave of relief that someone is telling him what to do, but doesn’t recognize it. “Good idea.” He sits back down, head in hands over his knees.

            “Yeah bro...” Dylan rubs Max’s shoulders. “Lil bro will take care of you this you need anything?”

            “ of me?” Max looks at Dylan curiously. “Kyle takes care of me...” he mumbles under Dylan’s touch.

            “What was that, bro?” Dylan asks, looking up.

            Max shakes his head. “Nothing, bro....nothing”

            Dylan chuckles lightly to himself. “So, how much have you been working out with Kyle?”

            Max mumbles again. “He takes me down three, four times a week...I mean...we work out a few times a week...”

            “Takes you down where?” Dylan asks, puzzled.

            Max shakes his head in confusion. “To...the gym? Yeah...” confidence filling his voice. “To the gym, or here.”

            “You work out here? Cool.”

            “Yeah, very cool.”

            Dylan looks over at the weight bench. “Maybe next time you can invite him over to work out with us.”

            “Cool down...” mumbles Max.

            “Maybe he could massage us both,” Dylan laughs softly.

            Max sits up. “No lil bro...don’t let him...”

            Dylan looks back at Max. “Huh? Don’t let him what? Massage me?

            Max’s face is confused and blurry. “No, don’t cool down...c’mon, stop...I’m sorry...”

            “Bro!” Dylan grabs Max’s shoulders and stares into his eyes. “Bro, what’s wrong!”

            Max’s eyes lock onto Dylan’s and he relaxes, feeling love and care pouring out. “I’m so sorry about what happened!”

            “Sorry for what? What happened, bro?” Dylan’s voice is filled with concern.

            Max chokes up, and he leans his head against Dulan’s shoulder. “He made me,...he made me cool you down...don’t let him...” as he almost begin to sob.

            “Whoa, whoa, hey...” Dylan strokes Max’s hair lightly, wracked with guilt. “’s ok bro. You’re not making any sense. Just calm down...”

            “He day working out...I pulled my shoulder....he started rubbing it...made me feel good...kept talking....then....” words flowing from Max’s mouth in a rush.

            Dylan continues to stroke Max’s hair gently, just listening.

            “Then he, then he made me hard...made me naked...touched me...bro I’m so sorry!”

            “Shhh, you have nothing to be sorry for. You didn’t do anything wrong...”

            “ wasn’t the pot...”

            Dylan lifts Max’s head and looks into his eyes. “What wasn’t the pot?”

            “He...” Max hiccoughs. “Made me cool you down too... but you don’t remember...”

            “ down?” Dylan seems skeptical.

            “Then...he was here...he made us...bro...I’m so sorry!”

            “I’m...confused...” Dylan smiles wryly, concerned. “What are you saying?”

            “We...we jerked each other off, bro...made each other cum...he made us,” suddenly Max its up straight, voice trembling in fear. “He’s going to mad I told you! I shouldn’t have told didn’t he tell me not to?”

            “Bro, you’re talking crazy. Want me to make it all better?”

            “I’m serious! He’s dangerous, he’ll be mad! What can we do? What if he comes back?” Max grabs Dylan and hugs him tight. “I won’t let him do it again...”

            “Shhhhh..there, there bro.” Dylan holds Max away. “Look at me.” Max looks up into his brother’s eyes and begins to relax. “That’s it, bro.”

            Max sighs. “But...what...can we do?”

            “Just relax.”

            “Relax...” Max echoes.

            “Yes, that’s right.” Dylan begins to sway in front of Max, watching Max’s eyes follow him. He grins. “Thaaaaaat’s a good boy. Bro - just relax,” he says, calmly but forcefully.

            Max begins to feel the familiar thrill of trance. “Wh...what are you doing?” A note of defensiveness creeps into his voice, but it’s blurry and slurred.

            “Shhhhh...” Dylan caresses Max’s forehead, and Max’s eyes flutter shut. Dylan sighs. “Kyle really made a mess of things, but I’ll fix it.”

            “Fix it...” Max echoes softly.

            Dylan holds Max’s hand. “Can you hear me, bro?”

            “Yes, I can hear you...” Max’s tension oozing away as quickly as it developed.

            “Good, good bro. Now, you love me, right?”

            Max nods. “I love you, Dyl,” using his old nickname for his baby brother.

            Dylan smile. “And you know I love you, right?”

            “Yeah, I know, Dyl...”

            “Good, bro. So then you know I only want what’s best for you, and for you to be happy. So when I tell you something, you will listen to me over anybody else, including Kyle, right?”

            Max grows quiet. “” He shakes his head. “Have to listen to Kyle, Dyl, he made me...”

            Dylan nods and rubs Max’s hand. “’re going to forget all the bad feelings you had from Kyle. You will keep the good feelings, the friendship, the good time. And simply forget all the unpleasant times.”

            “The good times...not unpleasant...” Max starts getting hard. “Yeah...good times...”

            “That’s it bro, good bro. You’re doing so good, bro. I’m so proud of you,” Dylan says as he rubs Max’s arm.

            Max smiles. “Really, Dyl?”

            “Of course, Max. Now, from now on, you are still allowed to cool down with Kyle, but only if you want to. He won’t be able to make you do anything you don’t really want to do anymore, understood?”

            Max looks confused. “Have to do what Kyle says....”

            Suddenly, the door upstairs opens.

            “Hey boys, we’re home!”

            Dylan’s eyes flash with panic as his mom calls down into the basement where he’s sitting, half naked, with his brother in a trance and the two of them incredibly hard. He calls out, “Ok, be right up!”

            Max starts to come out of it, dazed and confused.

            Dylan whispers quickly. “Ok bro, you’re going to wake up when I snap my fingers. You won’t remember this, but you will feel happy, you won’t feel guilty or upset at all. He snaps his fingers.

            Max shakes like a dog. “Whoa...haha...guess mom and dad are home early, huh?” He bounds up to feet, feeling great, just in his shorts and obviously hard.

            “Good thing we left the window open!” Dylan laughs. He pulls on his sweaty t-shirt and follows Max up the stairs.

            “Hey dad!” Max grabs his dad in a big sweaty hug. “Thought you’d be home later!”

            Dylan hugs his mom and smiles. “Hey guys.”

            Dad looks quizzical. “What have you boys been up to? And put a shirt on, for chrissakes!” Fending Max off with a laugh.

            Dylan looks at Max and laughs. “We were working out, dad.”

            “Yeah, showing lil’ bro here how it’s done,” Max grabs Dylan in a headlock and ruffles his hair.

            “Oh yeah? I seem to remember out lifting you, buddy,” Dylan tries to wriggle out of Max’s grip, feeling suddenly giddy.

            Mom rolls her eyes, exasperated. “Cool it with the roughhousing. How about you go workout by getting our bags from the car?”

            Dylan wrestles free from Max’s grip. “Sure, mom.”

            Max adds, “You got it!” He heads out into the steamy summer night, Dylan on his tail.

            Opening the van, Dylan grabs two bags. Max laughs and grabs three. “How much did they pack?”

            “Seriously, how long were they gone?” Grinning and slowly walking back to the house.

            “Having trouble there, lil’ bro?” Max pushes Dylan aside to get in first.

            Dylan shakes his head again at a rush of happiness. “Uh, yeah, because I took the heavy bags,” he winks at Max.

            “Where do you want ‘em?” Max announces, holding the bags and starting to curl them, enjoying how his body feels. Dylan rolls his eyes as he walks in behind Max.

            “Just set them there, honestly,” says Mom. “What’s gotten into you?”

            Dad chuckles, assuming Max is high. “Oh, just let him alone. He’s just glad to see his brother.

            Dylan grins and sets his bags down.

            Max grins, “Yeah mom, sheesh,” he drops the bags, suddenly feeling woozy.

            “You alright, Max? You don’t look so good,” Mom steps over and places a hand on Max’s forehead.

            “Yeah mom, I’m fine...just tired...”

            Dylan looks concerned as Max looks up to him. “Dyl...”

            “What’s up, Max?”

            “Dylan, get your brother upstairs to bed. I think you’ve been celebrating enough, don’t you?” Dad says, meaningfully.

            Max echoes, “Bed...good idea...celebrating enough.”

            Dylan nods. “Yeah Max, let’s get you to bed.” Laughing nervously, he adds. “Guess we shouldn’t have had those beers, huh Max?”

            Max nods. “Beers...right...sorry mom, guess I’m a little drunk.” Max can’t seem to keep his eyes open as Dylan puts his arm around Max’s shoulder to guide him.

            Mom looks skeptical. “You were all abuzz just a minute ago...what’s going on, boys?”

            Dylan smiles. “Probably just hit him after all the work of carrying your bags. Don’t worry, I’ll take care of him.” Dylan props Max up and starts helping him upstairs.

            “Take care of me...” Max mumbles and sways on his feet.

            Mom shakes her head. “You boys...”

            Dylan and Max head up to Max’s room.

            “Sorry bro...I’m all over the place...” Max slurs as they stand in the hall.

            “It’s ok man,” Dylan carefully opens the bedroom door and brings Max inside, closing the door behind him. “What’s wrong, Max,” a note of worry creeps into Dylan’s voice.

            “Dunno bro...I feel good but like...can’t focus, you know?” Max lurches and collapses into his bed. “Why’m I so fuzzy bro...was Kyle here?” His voice is slurred and fuzzy. “I know you said good and I’m good bro really I am. But Kyle said if you make me fuzzy not to listen...not to wake up....till he could talk to me...” he mumbles into his pillow, seemingly half asleep.

            Dylan props Max up. “Damn it!” He grabs Max’s hand. “Bro, can you hear me?”

            “Yeah, I can hear you, bro...” voice sounding like it’s coming from far away.

            “Ok, this is important, so I need you to listen really closely and obey, ok?”

            “Yeah...important...need to talk to Kyle...”

            Dylan squeezes Max’s hand tighter. “No, bro, you need to talk to me.” He grabs both of Max’s hands. “Little bro,” he says, gently but firmly.

            “Little bro Dyl...” Max murmurs contendedly.

            “That’s it bro...I’ll take care of you because I love you.”

            “I love you little bro...take care of you...” Max melts into the bed.

            “That’s it. Now, Max...I need you to tell me everything Kyle told you.”

            “Kyle said don’t him...I need to call Kyle...he...makes it good....uhhhhhh” Max moans, whether from pain or pleasure Dylan can’t tell.

            “How does he make it good?” Dylan asks.

            “He...he make me ho....horny...” Dylan sees a rush of arousal through Max even as he says it, and can’t ignore how hard Max is. “He’s...he’s...uhhhhhh.”

            “He’s what?” Dylan asks, squeezing Max’s hands. “Tell me, bro!”

            “He’s the master...oh fuck, help me bro!” Max’s hips start to buck gently as he loses focus to an overwhelming arousal. “You gotta help, bro,” he moans, bringing Dylan’s hand to his cock.

            “No bro, he’s not your master! I am your master!” Dylan’s cock stiffens as he feels Max’s throbbing dick through his boxers. “Listen, bro - only your master can help you cum, right?”

            Max shakes his head. “No, Kyle said...ok to cum, just not alone...oh bro hurts...” Max whimpers, grinding his dick into Dylan’s hand.”I need to call him...he said...bro...please help...” Max pleads helplessly.

            Dylan feels a growing compulsion as he lightly strokes Max’s cock. “Bro...”

            “Uhhhhhhh” moans Max as he feels Dylan’s hand begin to stroke.

            “I...I...” Dylan starts to sweat, feeling dizzy. Silently, he slides Max’s boxers down. “I got you bro.” He leans forward and starts sucking Max’s hard cock.

            Max moans and gasps as he presses down on the back of Dylan’s head. “Fuck yes, little bro, suck my dick, oh fuck yes....”

            Dylan feels Max’s hands and his mind goes fuzzy. “Mmmmppppphhhh,” he moans around Max’s cock.

            Max’s phone starts to buzz, and he holds Dylan’s head down as he answers. Dylan sucks more intensely, using his tongue to massage the head as Max begins to pump.

            “Yes....yeah Kyle, he’s here....I’m sorry I didn’t sorry....”

            Dylan remains lost in sucking Max’s dick, he doesn’t even notice the phone rang.

            “Yeah....yeah....oh fuck yeah, Kyle, he’s good....yes...I can do that....” Max pulls Dylan off his dick and hands him the phone. “Dyl, Kyle wants to talk to you...”

            Dylan answers, confused. “What? Hello?”

            “How’s he taste...little bro...?” Kyle asks over the phone.

            Dylan’s mind goes fuzzy. “Mmmmmmm.....tastes so good...” as Max’s precum drips out of the corner of his mouth.

            Kyle laughs to himself. “You thought you were so fucking smart, didn’t you? Use me to prep your brother for me? Then what? Off I go, useless?”

            Dylan mutters, “Prep...bro?”

            Frustration tingeing his voice. “Oh, snap out of it! Just keep stroking that big lunk and stay on the line until I let you go. I want you to know who’s really the boss here.”

            Fully aware, Dylan realizes that Max remains helpless and oblivious as long as he’s being touched. “What? Kyle, you son of a bitch! You’re going to fix him, or else!”

            Kyle chuckles darkly. “That’s better. Or else what, little bro?”

            Dylan’s mind goes fuzzy. “Or...or...”

            “That’s what I thought,” says Kyle. “Snap back.”

            Dylan shakes his head. “Or I’m gonna kick your ass! Take you down, change you around, see how YOU like it!”

            “You still remember your evil plan, don’t you?” Kyle asks. Max drools as Dylan continues to jack him, both unable to stop. “Isn’t this exactly what you wanted? Your brother helpless and trained for you?”

            “Evil?!” Dylan says. “It wasn’t evil. I love him! I just wanted to help him feel good...make me like I love him.”

            “Shut up! You fucking PROGRAMMED me to prep him for you!”

            “You were supposed to be nice! Kind! Make him feel good!”

            “Oh, I’ve made him feel good. Look at him now.”

            Max continues to whimper in a state of mindless bliss as Dylan keeps stroking him. Dylan feels Max’s cock getting even harder in his hand.

            “This isn’t what I wanted...he’s a shell; a nervous wreck...and I’m done with this.”

            “Yeah? Then why are you still jacking that mindless lunk?” Kyle scoffs.”

            “It’s the only way I can help him now...” Dylan says softly, stroking Max tenderly. “Kyle, you need to cool down...” his voice shifts to one of familiar command.

            “!,” Kyle’s head swims, feeling a command that he thought Dylan had forgotten.

            “Cool. Down.”

            “” Kyle manages to pant.

            Dylan tries to shake off a wave of fuzziness. “Coool...Dowwwnnnn.”

            “Little bro, make him cum...” Kyle hangs up in desperation.

            A sudden lust builds inside Dylan as he stares at Max.

            Max begins coming to as the call ends. “That you, bro? What did Kyle say?”

            “Yeah bro...Kyle says you gotta cum bro...” staring hungrily at Max’s dripping cock.

            “Help me bro...” Max’s voice is far away and full of multiple meanings, but his hand finds the back of Dylan’s head.

            Dylan moves quickly to swallow Max’s cock again, moving fast and with a purpose.

            “Oh fuck...oh fuck little bro....suck it...oh fuck....” Max bucks his hips, ramming down Dylan’s throat.

            “Mmmmmmm.....mmmmmmmm,” Dylan mumbles around Max’s cock.

            “Kyle said.....” Max moans as he explodes down Dylan’s throat, “Cummmmmmmm....”

            Dylan swallows every drop, continuing to suck even as Max stops shooting.

            “Stop little bro....sensitive...” Max writhes away from Dylan’s greedy mouth.

            “Mmmm...” Dylan reluctantly lets go, lick his lips and sighing.

            Max pulls Dylan up to lay his head on his chest. Dylan wraps his arms around Max, Dylan fully clothed while Max remains completely naked.

            Max starts to drift off into real sleep, and murmurs Kyle’s last programmed instruction. “Stay with me, Dyl...but snap out of it...” And Max drops deeply asleep.

            Dylan’s eyes shoot open. He looks over at Max sleeping and tastes his cum in his mouth. His cock is rock hard, and he’s angry. Max strokes his back in his sleep.


            “First things first,” Dylan thinks to himself, picking up Max’s phone and blocking Kyle’s number. Then, feeling guilty and angry, he pushes Max’s hand away but still drifts to sleep holding his naked body.

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