The doorbell rings and Max leaps to his feat. Bout time he got home; should have been here hours ago! He opens the door on Dylan, grinning in a green tank-top, board shorts and flip-flops; sunglasses pushed up on his forehead and carrying two huge duffels.

            “Hey little bro, welcome home!” Max slaps Dylan a high-five as Dylan drops his bags in the hallway. “How was your first year at school?”

            “Great man! So much fun! Still,” smiling at his big brother “It’s good to be home.” He looks past Max at empty pizza boxes, beer cans, and clothes around the living room and into the kitchen.

            Max shrugs. “Sorry about the mess dude. Mom and dad don’t get back till tomorrow, and I’ve been lazy. Can I get you a beer?” He starts leading Dylan into the kitchen, bags left where they are as Dylan shuts the door.

            “It’s a lot cleaner than my dorm room man,” he laughs. “And sure, a beer sounds great.”

            “I bet,” Max laughs and hands Dylan a beer and opens one for himself. “You’re looking good little bro,” Max eyes Dylan up and down, commenting with a tinge of admiration in his voice. “Been taking care of yourself?”

            Dylan takes a swig. “Yeah; my roommate’s on the football team, so he’s been helping me work out.”

            “Nice dude; ‘bout time! You were a skinny little bitch all through high school.” Max laughs and takes a long swallow.

            “Like you were any better!”

            “Having a gym on campus definitely helps, right? That and a good workout buddy. I mean, check this out,” Max flexes and poses a bit for Dylan, bulging through his muscle shirt.

            “Oh yeah, definitely. So convenient.” Dylan sips his drink and takes his own appraising look at Max. “You’re looking great too.”

            “So yeah," Max says, feeling Dylan's eyes and shivering slightly."It’s good seeing you again,” Max grabs a 12-pack out of the fridge. “Let’s go chill in the basement and roll a joint or two, welcome you home proper!”

            Dylan laughs. “Sounds awesome. You sure mom and dad aren’t coming back tonight?”

            “Nope, they’re gone for the weekend, I think. We get to bro it up! C’mon, check out the setup I’ve got downstairs!”

            “Sweet," Dylan says, following his brother downstairs.

            Reaching the bottom, Max flicks on the light. “Feast your eyes, man!” A big black leather couch is placed in front of a huge plasma TV with massive surround-sound speakers. In the corner is a simple but well put-together mini gym centered around a weight bench and bench press.

            “Wow,” Dylan’s eyes explore the room, impressed. “When did you get all this!?”

            “Since I had to move back in, I decided to make myself at home. Like it?” Max beams at Dylan.

            “Fuck yeah dude, this place is fucking tight!!” Dylan grins.

            “Totally. Watching the game down here is sweet. C’mon, get comfortable!” Max finishes his beer and grabs another, dropping onto the couch, one leg underneath him.

            Dylan kicks off his flip flops and sits on the other end of the couch. “I’ll bet this is awesome."

            “You’ve got no idea man, seriously.” Max flips on the TV, set to ESPN. “Would you look at that screen?”

            Dylan stares in awe at how crisp and clear and huge every image is. “What is that, 72, 76 inches?”

            “Nah, only about 7,” Max says, grabbing his crotch. “Oh, you mean the TV - yeah, 76.” Max winks.

            Dylan laughs and punches Max’s shoulder. “Oh you wish. Just because you lie to chicks doesn’t mean you can get away with it with me.”

            Max rubs his shoulder, still grinning. “Still bigger than you, little bro.”

            “Whatever man!”

            “Speaking of chicks, how’s your love life going?” Max asks innocently.

            “Great, especially with my roommate...” Dylan fumbles and catches himself, “...there’s hot chicks around all the time! I can barely keep track of them all.” He grins broadly at Max.

            Max laughs and takes a big swig. “Atta boy. Gonna suck to be home, I bet - no action!”

            Dylan lays back and laughs. “Nah, you’d be surprised how many girls from high school wanna meet up over the summer.”

            “Yeah? Well, this pad is open for ya when you need it, just lemme know and I’ll hide in my room.”

            “Thanks, bro! Cheers!” Dylan and Max clink bottles.

            Flipping channels randomly, Max asks, “So, how about we roll that joint, little bro?”

            “I'm down. You do the honors, your room.”

            With an exaggerated groan, Max sits up and reaches into a drawer in the coffee table, grabbing supplies. He starts to the roll a massive J. “Still haven’t learned how to roll, have you?” He laughs. “Anyways, be careful, this shit is pretty strong.”

            “Yeah, yeah that’s what they all say. I can handle myself!”

            Max fires up and takes a big hit, then exhales. “Not kidding yourself!” He hands it to Dylan.

            Dylan inhales deeply, holding it in, coughing on the exhale.

            “How’s that feel, little bro?” Max grins as he takes it back.

            “Pretty great,” Dylan coughs. Sighing, he sits back.

            Max and Dylan pass the joint back and forth a few times until it sparks out, then both kick back as they let it wash over them.

            “Told you it’s good shit,” Max says, sounding a bit out of it. “So you and this roommate, you guys good workout buddies?”

            Dylan, talking slowly, “Yeah...he really knows his...stuff.”

            “Good, good. A good workout buddy is key. You and I should work out this summer, stay in the routine, you know?”

            “Yeah sure, I plan on working out, would be cool to work out with you.”

            “Christ, is it hot in here?” Max looks flushed as he fans himself.

            Dylan laughs. “Man, you get hot when you smoke?”

            “On this shit, yeah for sure,” Max pulls off his shirt, sweat running down his chest. “Aren’t you feeling it?”

            Dylan closes his eyes. “Naw, I feel fine.”

            “Guess I’m just weird,” Max grins. “Feels damn good though, right?”

            “Yeah weirdo; it feels great. You’ll have to let me know who you get this from.”

            “I used to get stoned and work out with Kyle - you remember Kyle?” Max asks.

            Dylan nods slowly. “Yeah - that idiot friend of yours.”

            “He’s a good guy, man, great workout buddy.”

            “Really?” Dylan asks, incredulous. “He didn’t look like he worked out much. The redhead, right?”

            “Yeah...that’s him. I didn’t say he worked out hard, really, just a good guy to have around, you know? Really good at the cool down too.” Max sighs and lays back, legs stretched out in front of him. “God, I love being stoned.”

            “Yeah man, this is sweet.” Dylan mirrors Max’s pose on the other end of the couch. “Been too long without smoking with you.”

            “Totally.” Max takes a contemplative swig of his beer, looking at Dylan. “So this roommate of yours - he good at the cool down?”

            “I mean, I guess. Always just stretched and stuff after,” Dylan reaches for the bag and a rolling paper.

            “Well yeah, there’s that part, but I mean like, the “cool down”, you know?”

            Dylan laughs as he rolls another fat joint and takes a big hit. “What are you talkin’ about?”

            “Gimme that,” Max takes the joint and hits it. On the exhale, “Kyle gives really great massages after, man, totally helps me relax and cool down...”

            Grinning, Dylan asks, “Seriously? Never had a massage after a workout.” He closes his eyes. “Maybe you’ll have to give me one when we work out.”

            “Dude, there’s nothing like a really good rubdown. Loosens everything up; feels so good,” Max adjusts his crotch, starting to pop a noticeable semi as he eyes Dylan's relaxed face and half-closed eyes.

            “Sounds great,” Dylan takes another deep hit, his head spinning.

            Max sits up. “Let’s work out now, I’ve got the bench and everything. Bet I can out-press you.”

            “Seriously? I don’t even wanna move,” Dylan protests half-heartedly even as he stands up slowly.

            “Yeah, c’mon,” Max gets up and heads for the bench. Dylan follows slowly. “Here, lay down, I’ll spot you - what’s your start?”

            Dylan lays down on the bench. “Let’s start at 150.”

            “You got it.” Max pops on the weight, moves to stand behind Dylan. “Ready?”

            With a grin, Dylan pushes up and makes quick work of 10 reps, barely struggling. “How’s that?” he laughs as he sits up.

            “Nice dude, nice. My turn. Make it 200,” Max says as he switches places with Dylan, now spotting. He pumps out 8, pushing on the last two. He grins up at Dylan, sweat running down his chest and face. “How’s that?”

            “Not bad bro, not bad.” Dylan motions for Dylan to get up, and lays down on the bench, likewise grinning up at Max now. “Spot me?”

            “Yeah dude,” still panting, Max asks, “More weight?”


            “Done.” Max adds the weight. “Ready?” He stands behind Dylan’s head, and Dylan can’t help but notice that Max definitely has a semi.

            A sly grin breaking out, “Gettin’ a little excited, bro?” asks Dylan.

            Max flushes a deeper red. “Shut up, dude. Just push your weight.”

            Laughing, Dylan easily busts out 4 reps, face getting red on the fifth as he starts to struggle. Grunting, “Five!”

            Max jumps in, “C’mon bro, push it! One more bro, one more,” he places his hands under the bar.

            Groaning, “Ssssiiixxx!” Eyes clenched, Dylan pushes again. “Ssssseven!” He exhales, breathing heavy as Max stands by, hands ready to catch. Straining, Dylan lowers the bar slowly, then pushes back up, “EEiiiiiigght!” He drops the bar on the holders, sweating and panting.

            “Way to go, bro! Way to go! Feels great stoned, doesn’t it?” Max grins, unaware that he’s full hard and tenting his shorts.

            “Yeah, looks like it’s feelin’ reeeealllly good for you,” Dylan laughs as he catches his breath.

            Max looks down, grin not slipping. “Stoner boner, whatever.” He checks out Dylan’s crotch and notices a similar bulge. “You’re feeling it too.”

            Dylan laughs and looks down. “Yeah, I guess I am!:

            “Alright, my turn, spot me, 250,” Max lays down on the bench, boner obvious as hell.

            “You sure you can handle this much stoned?" Dylan looks at his brother doubtfully.

            “Shut up and add the weight,” Max says as he braces himself. “I’ve got six in me, watch.”

            Dylan spots, ready to catch. “All set, good luck!”

            Max bangs out four, then starts to shake and strain on five. “Fuckkkkkkkk,” he grunts with exertion.

            Dylan gets ready to catch. “Almost there!”

            Max pushes for six. “FUCCCKKKKKK,” barely making it, he drops the bar on the holder with a clang.

            “Nice!” Dylan exclaims.

            Panting and sweating, cock hard and twitching, Max looks up and grins as he sits up. “Beat that, hotshot!”

            Dylan lays on the bench. “No problem!”

            “Weight?” asks Max, moving behind Dylan, his cock sticking out over Dylan’s face.

            “Let’s leave it at 250 - I could do seven in my sleep!”

            “Do it and you win, bro,” Max moves his hands into position. “Go!”

            Dylan easily pushes through the first four, slower on the fifth but still smooth.

            Max chimes in, encouraging, “C’mon little bro! Push it!” He stands ready to catch.

            Dylan struggles heavily on the sixth, but gets it up.

            “Got one more bro, or call it a tie?” Max grins down over his cock.

            Dylan brings the bar down, his eyes locked on Max’s boner.

            “Push it!”

            Dylan closes his eyes and exhales, giving all his force to raise the bar back up and onto the rack one last time. “Seven! Ha!” Breathing heavily, Dylan sits up and grins hugely.

            “Nice dude, you win this one!” Max slaps Dylan on the back. “Now we need to cool down.”

            “Sounds good to me man! Where do we do that?”

            Max looks around. “Uhhhhh...couch will do. “Cmere,” He grabs Dylan’s shoulder and pulls him over to the couch. “Lay down.”

            Dylan lays down on his back on the couch, his cock making a sizable tent. “Like this?”

            “Nah dude - on your stomach.” Max eyes Dylan’s boner. “Roll over.”

            “Ah, ok.” Dylan flips over on his stomach, head to the side, watching the TV.

            Max kneels next to Dylan and clicks off the TV. “Now, just relax, little bro, and cool down.” His voice is suddenly slow and soothing as he starts to knead Dylan’s shoulders.

            Dylan squirms and whines a little as he starts to feel Max’s strong hands sinking into his sore muscles. “Aww, I was watching that!”

            “Nah, you don’t need it little bro,” Max’s voice gets even smoother as his hands work Dylan’s muscles. “Just relax and cool down.”

            Dylan sighs and lays his head on a pillow. “Ok.”

            “See, the cool down is so important, little bro,” Max continues, his hands reaching up Dylan’s shirt and rubbing his sweaty skin. “You ever get a cool down from your workout buddy before?”

            “No...” Dylan moans lightly. “Never. Feels kinda weird...”

            “Here, just cool down, little bro,” Max says as he pulls Dylan’s shirt off over his head and starts to rub Dylan’s entire back. “Better, right?”

            “Yes...” Dylan sighs. Then, snapping back a little, he says, “I mean, no, what are you doing?” He tries to lift his head and look over his shoulder.

            Max places a hand on the back of Dylan’s head and pushes him gently but firmly down. “Just cooling you down, little bro. Relax.” One hand on Dylan’s head, the other starts to slide down the back of his shorts.


            “Shhhhh, relax little bro.” Max’s voice is smooth and hypnotic.

            “Ok bro....” Dylan’s breathing slows.

            “See little bro?” Max lets go of Dylan’s head and squeezes his own cock as he starts sliding Dylan’s shorts down. “Isn’t it nice to cool down after a workout?”

            Dylan sighs and sinks deeper into the pillow. “ good.”

            “Here, lift up a bit,” Max tugs on Dylan’s shorts. Dylan lifts his hips off the couch without a thought. They get caught on his boner, and Max laughs quietly. “Hey there, feeling good?” Max manages to slide them off, leaving Dylan naked on the couch.

            Dylan grins and nods with his eyes closed. “Yeah, feelin’ real good.”

            Max squeezes Dylan’s ass. “Been doing some leg work? I can tell.”

            Dylan moans lightly. “Yeah, gotta keep those legs up.”

            Max’s voice shifts smooth and slow as he asks casually, “Do you and your roommate mess around?”

            Dylan moans again as Max’s hands continue to massage his ass. “No man, never...messed around. Not gay, man.”

            Max’s voice is smooth and soft. “You sure, little bro? I know how workout buddies can get really...close.” He leans over Dylan, his hands deeply massaging Dylan’s back, ass, and thighs. Dylan can feel Max’s chest pressed against his back.

            Dylan sighs and groans. “Never.....messed around...not...”

            “It’s not gay, bro. It’s just...cooling down.” Max slides off his own shorts, getting as naked as Dylan and climbing up between Dylan’s legs. He leans over and presses deeply into Dylan’s muscles, his cock resting on Dylan’s ass and back.

            “Mmmmm...cooling down,” moans Dylan.

            Max leans over and whispers in Dylan’s ear. “I mean, this isn’t gay, right bro?”

            “Nooooo....just cooling down...” Dylan’s head his spinning as he feels all his muscles relaxing.

            “So relaxed, little bro. Just relax and cool down...”

            “Mmmmmm....yeah....” Dylan’s breathing is slow and heavy.

            Max gets up off Dylan. “Sit up, little bro.” Dylan sits up straight. “How do you feel?”

            “I feel relaxed,” Dylan’s eyes are half closed as he sits slumped on the couch. “”

            “Sweet bro.” Max sits down next to Dylan, naked and hard. “That’s a cool down.”

            “Cool down,” Dylan mumbles.

            Max grins and prepares the next step. He pulls on his shorts and shirt, then sits back down. “Hey, little bro, snap out of it! What the hell!” He laughs as Dylan comes to.

            Dylan’s eyes snap open and he looks down. “Oh fuck!” Face completely read, Dylan tries to cover himself with a pillow as he finds his shorts and pulls them on. “Uh, man you weren’t kidding about that being some strong shit!” He laughs nervously, cock still hard in his shorts.

            “Ha! Told ya, but nice reps, anyways! You got a bit weird though, totally just got naked. And why the fuck are you so hard?” Max laughs.

            “I dunno, never had this happen while high before,” embarrassed, Dylan pulls on his t-shirt; too out of it and embarrassed to notice Max’s similar boner.

            “You mean this doesn’t happen with your workout buddy?” Max stretches, clearly showing off his full-hard cock.

            “No, never.” Dylan finally notices Max’s hard cock, then quickly looks down again. “I mean, uh, this you?...and Kyle?”

            Max grins. “Told you he was great with cool downs. Felt real good to cool down, didn’t it?” Max’s voice goes soft and smooth again.

            “Isn’t that...weird?” Dylan says, voice getting furry as he blinks slowly.

            “Doesn’t it feel good though? Cooling down?” Max’s voice is smooth as butter.

            “” Dylan’s eyes glaze over. “Feels good...”

            “Why are you so hard, little bro?” Max says.

            “I dunno...I feel good.”

            “Little bro, nice and cool right? Just completely cooled down and relaxed.”

            “ cooled down.”

            Max grins as he plants a suggestion. “Hey, little bro, don’t you wanna jerk off with me?”

            Dylan shakes his head slowly. “No....I...” struggling, he sounds confused.

            “Little bro, think about it - you’ve always wanted to jerk off with your big bro, haven’t you?”

            “No....I....” Dylan stops mid-sentence.

            “Little bro, cool down,” Max repeats. “You’ve always wanted to jerk off with me, haven’t you?” Max’s voice remains smooth but an edge of firmness creeps in.

            Dylan absentmindedly brushes a hand past his cock.

            “Haven’t you, little bro?” Max commands.

            Dylan nods slowly.

            “Say it, little bro. Tell me how you’ve always wanted to jerk off with me,” Max squeezes his cock in anticipation.

            “Always wanted to jack off...” Dylan sighs as he squeezes his own cock. “...with you, big bro.”

            “Snap out of it, and remember exactly what you just said,” Max sits back to see what happens.

            Dylan’s eyes snap open, and his face lights up red. “Uhhh...dude where did you get this shit? It’s making me talk crazy...”

            Max chuckles. “I never knew you felt like that. Why’d you never say anything?”

            “No, no, it’s this pot bro. Makin’ me all weird...”

            “You mean you don’t want to jerk off with me? You look pretty boned,” Max grins as he rubs his own boner through his shorts.

            Dylan shakes his head fast. “No, no, just high off the pot.” He stands up, face burning. “I should just go to bed before anything else happens...”

            “Little bro, just cool down.” Max stands and locks eyes with Dylan. “Do you want to jerk off with me?” Standing close, their shorts-covered tented cocks almost touch.

            Dylan’s shoulders relax as he stares into Max’s eyes. “Yeah... jerk off with you...”

            “Well, we can’t do it with clothes on, can we?” Max starts taking off his shirt.

            Dylan shakes his head. “No,” he mumbles as slides his shorts down again and takes off his shirt.

            “Now sit down, little bro, and snap out of it, and remember that you’ve asked me, heck, you’ve convinced me to jerk off with you.” Max slides off his own shorts again and sits back down. Once Dylan is sitting again, Max adds, “I guess we could, if you really want to.”

            Dylan’s eyes refocus as he sits. “Wh...what’s going on?” Dylan’s voice is high and panicky.

            “You asked if we could jerk off together. I figured why not.” Max strokes himself slowly, enjoying Dylan’s panic.

            Dylan looks away and stands up, naked. “I’m going to bed bro, I don’t know what was in that pot, but this is fucked up.”

            “What?” Max is incredulous. “After all that? Bro, you just whined and begged to jerk off with me, and I finally say ok, and now you bail? Sit the fuck down and beat your meat!”

            Dylan pulls his shorts back on. “Dude...fuck this.” He heads for the stairs, when a hand pushes him back into the room. “Kyle??” Dylan exclaims. “Outta my way, I’m going to bed.”

            “Oh, I don’t think so,” Kyle says.

            Dylan tries to push past him but can’t seem to stop looking into Kyle’s eyes.

            “He’s a fighter, Kyle,” Max laughs from the couch, still stroking.

            “I’ve noticed,” Kyle says, drily.

            Dylan starts to get angry. “I SAID, get out of my WAY!” He pushes Kyle against the wall.

            Kyle looks at Dylan with disdain. “Oh, shut up and cool down, little bro.”

            From the couch, Max’s voice comes again, slightly foggy. “That’s right little bro, cool down.”

            Dylan stares into Kyle’s eyes as his body goes limp. “What....”

            “He drops so well, but fights so hard, doesn’t he, Max? Just like you used to.” Kyle places a hand on Dylan’s shoulder and guides him back to the couch.

            “I know, Kyle, but I’ve learned!” Max says, words slurring, still stroking slow. He turns to Dylan as his little brother sits next to him. “It’s ok, little bro, Kyle is really good at this, just cool down, ok?”

            Dylan’s head bobs limply and his mouth hangs slightly open. “Cool down...yeah bro...”

            Kyle moves to stand between the brothers, facing them as they sit on the couch. “Cool down, bros, cool down.”

            “ down,” Max and Dylan mouth in unison.

            “Strip, Dylan. Get comfy with your big bro,” Kyle orders, as he starts taking off his own clothes. “You almost lost him, Max.”

            Dylan slides his shorts back down and leaves them around his ankles.

            “I’m sorry...he just...kept fighting...” Max strokes his cock slow, words slurred and voice blurry.

            Dylan continues to stare ahead, eyes blank and cock dripping.

            “Dylan, why are you so hard and horny?” Kyle stands naked in front of him, looking down into his eyes.

            “Don’t...know....pot....” Dylan’s eyes are locked onto Kyle’s, tracking his every move.

            “Dylan, look at me, and understand that this is true, this is real, and this is it?” Kyle commands. Dylan nods slowly, eyes locked and glazed.

            “Say it, Dylan, say you understand.”

            “I understand...”

            “You have been begging Max and me to jerk off with you, haven’t you?” Kyle asks, firmly, his own cock completely hard now. “Say it.”

            “I...I...” Dylan’s voice cracks as the words stick.

            “Say it and know it’s true,” Kyle’s voice cracks like a whip.

            “I want to...jack off...with Max...and you....”

            Kyle smacks Dylan’s face. “Close, but no cigar. You begged us to jack off with you, didn’t you, Dylan?”

            Dylan nods slowly. “Yes...”

            “Hey....leave him alone,” Max mumbles softly.

            “You be quiet until I’m ready for you,” Kyle barks. “Say it, Dylan.”

            “I...begged you to...jack off” Dylan says, raggedly.

            “And you want it more than anything, don’t you?”

            “Yes...I want it more than anything.”

            Satisfied, Kyle smiles. “Now snap out of it, both of you.” He plops down on the couch between them, all three naked and hard.

            Dylan shakes his head as his mind clears. Max looks over at him behind Kyle’s shoulder. “Great idea, little bro!”

            Dylan smiles as memories of begging and wanting to jerk off with Max and Kyle vaguely form in his thoughts. He slowly starts to stroke his cock. “Told you!”

            “Don’t know how you talked us into this, Dylan, but yeah, it feels great!” Kyle says. Feeling mischievous, he adds, “Remember how you tried to pretend you didn’t want this? How you wanted to leave?”

            Dylan giggles. “Nah, I was just messin’ around. I want this more than anything.” He lays back and strokes long and slow.

            “Lay back now, boys, lemme cool you both down,” Kyle grabs both Dylan’s and Max’s cocks. Max and Dylan get hornier and fuzzier at his words, but don’t quite start going under. They both grin blankly and happily.

            “Hey, why don’t you two get better acquainted?” Kyle lets go of their cocks after a few minutes of slow stroking and heavy breathing. He stands up. “Dylan, reach out and lend a hand. Max, do the same.”

            Dylan slow grabs Max’s cock and squeezes, as Max grabs his and moans softly.

            “You bros have to keep at that, no matter what,” Kyle says. “Right?”

            “Yeah...” Dylan says, staring at Max’s dick.

            “No matter what...” echoes Max, eyes similarly fixed on his little brother’s throbbing dick in his hand.

            “Can’t let go no matter what, bros. Have to keep stroking,” Kyle says.

            “Have to keep stroking, right Dylan?” says Max. “Kyle says so.”

            “ matter what...” Dylan’s breathing is ragged as his brother works his cock over like a pro. “Like Kyle says...”

            Kyle grins. “No matter what, bros. Now, snap out of it completely, both of you, but remember, no matter what!”

            Dylan’s eyes open fully as he continues to stroke Max.

            “Guess he got you too, didn’t he?” Max pants, stroking Dylan’s cock as he feels Dylan’s hand on his.

            “Yeah...” Dylan moans. “Why didn’t you warn me?”

            “He....made me....” Max groans as Dylan’s thumb rubs his cockhead. “...Made me want to get you...uhhhhhh fuck!” Max moans again. “...Get you alone...knew I could....trance you.....oh fuck little bro don’t stop....” Max bucks his cock into Dylan’s tight fist.

            Dylan groans as he thrusts hard into Max’s fist. “Yeah....oh God.....” Dylan’s eyes clench shut as Max’s fingers brush his balls.

            Kyle sits back quietly on the floor, stroking himself and letting the brothers work things out between them now.

            “But he’s....” Dylan whimpers. “...Just your idiot friend.” He lets loose a deep, low groan of pleasure as Max finds his cock’s sweet spot.

            “ me like this....oh fuck, feels so fucking good.....and I can’t...” Max leans closer to Dylan, and their foreheads press together, sweat beading between them. “....Can’t get away...”

            Kyle grins as he matches their stroking. “Still trying to fight, Max? After all this time, you haven’t accepted what you are? You brought me your little bro, Max. He’s mine now. He’s mine, just like you.”

            “Max...” Dylan strokes Max’s cock faster.

            Matching his brother’s pace, “Yeah, little bro?” Max moans.

            “I....can’t stop...” Dylan whimpers in despair.

            “I...know. He....has us....” Max’s groan is guttural and lust-filled. “I...I’m sorry little bro....uhhhhhhh fuck....” precum oozes down his shaft, disappearing as lube in Dylan’s fist.

            Dylan just nods and moans again. “I...I forgive’s not your fault....” Dylan manages a glare at Kyle as his stroking picks up a pace.

            “Thanks....little bro.....fuckkkkkkk,” grunts Max.

            Kyle says nothing during this exchange, continuing to stroke his cock and match the pace Dylan and Max are setting.

            Max and Dylan are forehead to forehead, pumping each other’s cocks. “Uhhhhh bro....” moans Max helplessly. “I’m....trying not to cum....but...I don’t think....I can stop it.....uhhhhh”

            “Max....” Dylan whimpers, suddenly erupting in Max’s hand as he pumps his cock even faster. “Ahhhhh....I’m sorry....” he moans as he continues to cum.

            “So sorry, little bro!” Max starts to cum like a geyser, spraying all over Dylan’s hand. As he shudders through his orgasm, Max pants, “I love you, little bro...”

            “Ahhhh...ahhhh,” Dylan’s breath is short and choppy as Max’s hand holds it through its finally spasms. “I love you too, Max...”

            With both Max and Dylan slumped over each other, zonked and vulnerable, Kyle cums quietly in his lap. As he finishes, he says, “Now cool down, bros. Cool down deep.”

            Dylan drops Max’s cock as his arms go limp, and they sprawl over each other, covered in each other’s cum. Kyle cleans himself off with Dylan’s boxers, gets dressed, and heads for the door. He turns just before he walks out. “Now snap out of it bros. I was never here.” With that, he walks out of the room.

            Dylan wakes up, covered in cum, with Max’s arms wrapped around him.

            “Wh...what?” Max mutters, cuddling into Dylan.

            Dylan shrugs to himself and closes his eyes, still high and fairly zonked. “I dunno bro...let’s just stay here a bit longer...just like I always wanted...” he trails off.

            Max kisses Dylan’s forehead. “Yeah, little bro, right here.”


            Dylan makes a mental note to reward Kyle after tonight. He performed just as he’d been instructed. Then the bros fall asleep, both the pawns of more plans than they yet dreamed, but both happier than they’d ever been.

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