Just had a dream I was hypnotized into being a dom’s mindless fuck slave. It started over Skype, camming for him and go under more and more, making more and more time for him. Then we met in person and it seemed like every weekend went blank. But he wouldn’t fuck me until I brought him someone else to mind control. 

I Searched desperately, being somewhat socially anxious it was difficult, compounded by the artificially implanted need to find someone. Eventually I brought him a litte blond twink and he fucked me in front of him after we were both under and told him the same thing. I was so happy and felt so fulfilled. 

The twink left and he went about making me more dumb, more mindless. No thoughts just obedience. A collar strapped around my neck as he called in a slightly larger man, slightly thinning black hair, maybe 45 years old. The guy looked shocked to see me but I just stared blankly, drooling slightly. 

He was a man I had cammed with but refused to meet in person, frustrating him to no end. He came to get a mindless fuck slave from the hypnotist but didn’t know it would be me, just that it was a ginger twink. He expressed how lucky he was and thanked the tist profusely. The tist told him my triggers and gave instructions on how to do upkeep and tweaks, then accepted the guy’s money with an extra tip and I was led naked out to this man’s car.

He shoved me in the trunk and smiled down at me. “I know you’re a mindless little fuck slut right now, but when we get back, you’re gonna learn why you shouldn’t be a little cock tease. Mmmm fuck I can’t wait to bring you out and use you.” And the trunk slammed shut.


Lovely dream.

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