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Sometimes meet somebody from the Internet is dangerous.
Categories: Mind Control 
7 days ago · From Nungarx
Jonathan and Jake begin to change with neither of then knowing why
Categories: Mind Control 
19.08.2018 · From suitguy
SLAM! went another door, interrupting Elder Gardener’s greeting. He turned on his heel and returned to his bike propped up on the side of the porch, with Elder Bradshaw in tow. Elder Gardener, first name Trevor, was a man on a mission.
Categories: Mind Control 
30.07.2018 · From Bonegnawer
His best friend has always thought he might want to be a sub - in spite of the fact he's 6'6 and built like a brick shit house, and always seems in control. The truth is very surprising.
Categories: Hypnosis 
18.12.2017 · From bigSubject
Another day, another character; things get a little tense this chapter, powers can be complicated, as can relationships. Let me know what you think!
Categories: Mind Control 
17.12.2017 · From darkdreamer22
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If you've read "Trucker's Cigar Boy" by McGarGuy, read my companion story to find out more about "college stud" and what really happened when he met Trucker - by sdvmia
Categories: Hypnosis 
03.06.2017 · From sdvmia
A trucker picks up a college stud and gives him a ride...and a trance.
Categories: Hypnosis 
03.06.2017 · From sdvmia
Barefeet, mental domination, and prolonged devious torment abound in this story ...
Categories: Hypnosis 
22.07.2017 · From JamesTMedak
Hypno-control stories based around a college fraternity.
Categories: Mind Control 
08.03.2017 · From GoingDeep
This is the first chapter of a very long "saga" I've been working on with the help of a few subs over the last two years or so. Just the stories of a bunch of guys, and the various hypnotic and sexual adventures they end up on going on.
Categories: Hypnosis  · Mind Control 
16.06.2017 · From darkdreamer22
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Great story. Love it!
Posted for Story Lead into Temptation
14 hours ago · From HypnoJasonTX
That's always been a great story...been around a long time, and its still good :)
Posted for Story Trucker's Boy by McGarGuy
14 days ago · From johnspncer10
Great story. I wanna be the college boy.
Posted for Story Trucker's Boy by McGarGuy
14 days ago · From Tranceguy
That’s hot
26.08.2018 · From averagejoe1
Such a hot story ... cockcontrol
26.08.2018 · From Germannewbi
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