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Let your mind get heavy and your thoughts dissolve as the dudes at the gym put you under their hypnotic spell! It starts when a jock named Thomas is hypnotized to become Tripp, a dumb muscle-flexing bodybuilder.
Categories: Hypnosis 
01.02.2020 · From DougTFs
The confrontation, long awaited, now begins
Categories: Mind Control 
29.01.2020 · From Eur19
It's time for the past to catch up with Kristian
Categories: Mind Control 
26.01.2020 · From Eur19
Two victims from the park were chosen by the Master. They couldn’t resist.
Categories: Mind Control  · Hypnosis 
25.01.2020 · From Tranceguy
“Mmmhmmph” Oliver affirmed to Topher’s question, his head already melting into his bed. He must have been more stressed than he thought because he was more than ready to relax. He began gently rubbing Oliver’s neck.
Categories: Hypnosis 
19.01.2020 · From JellyfishSong
Looking for master for chastity training
Categories: Mind Control  · Hypnosis 
15.01.2020 · From franck1990
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If you've read "Trucker's Cigar Boy" by McGarGuy, read my companion story to find out more about "college stud" and what really happened when he met Trucker - by sdvmia
Categories: Hypnosis 
03.06.2017 · From sdvmia
A trucker picks up a college stud and gives him a ride...and a trance.
Categories: Hypnosis 
03.06.2017 · From sdvmia
Barefeet, mental domination, and prolonged devious torment abound in this story ...
Categories: Hypnosis 
22.07.2017 · From JamesTMedak
Boy orders a toy to deal with a chastity problem. He should have read the description. (Old story of mine modified to be more hypno-friendly)
Categories: Hypnosis 
11.04.2019 · From Atom23
" he opened his mouth he found himself saying “I haven’t been tranced and everything is just fine”. He wasn’t sure why he said that, but as soon as the words came out of his mouth he realized that he had not been tranced recently and that everything was just fine."
Categories: Hypnosis 
22.05.2019 · From sdvmia
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It's perfect.
Posted for Story Room 608
09.02.2020 · From idolikeyoorai
I've got a lot more obedience training in the next chapters! Definitely needs more spirals, though, you're right!
Posted for Story Hypno Muscle, Part 1
04.02.2020 · From DougTFs
Absolutely amazing.Each chapter better than the previous. Adding Brad's father, genius.
03.02.2020 · From ed2you2
Very Nice introduction! so hot! He should also get brainwashed with a spiral for totaly obedience. haha
Posted for Story Hypno Muscle, Part 1
03.02.2020 · From Tranceguy
Thanks! Did you read all Parts?
Posted for Story The broken circle, part 3
26.01.2020 · From Eur19
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