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A story of hypnosis and mind control between two young guys. Sorry, because the original text is in spanish, and I use Google for translate for all of you.
Categories: Hypnosis  · Mind Control  · Transformation 
12 days ago · From Superheroe_hypnodrone
" - Are you scared by the surprise we've prepared for you, Julius? You're probably wondering if this is real, if I'm not a look-alike. But I'm you, Julius..."
Categories: Hypnosis 
13.09.2020 · From HypnoBrazil
Something I wrote a while back, stumbled on it again recently so thought I'd upload it.
Categories: Hypnosis 
17.08.2020 · From sirius5
A Spring Breaker develops a new obsession after a chance encounter.
Categories: Transformation 
13.08.2020 · From Blackrat77
The ticket keeper's deep, deep voice penetrated Júlio's ears, making him have an erection principle. This made him extremely uncomfortable. Why did that male voice get you a little excited?
Categories: Mind Control 
09.08.2020 · From HypnoBrazil
Non-consensual hypnosis and sex
Categories: Hypnosis 
01.08.2020 · From HypnoBrazil
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If you've read "Trucker's Cigar Boy" by McGarGuy, read my companion story to find out more about "college stud" and what really happened when he met Trucker - by sdvmia
Categories: Hypnosis 
03.06.2017 · From sdvmia
A trucker picks up a college stud and gives him a ride...and a trance.
Categories: Hypnosis 
03.06.2017 · From sdvmia
Barefeet, mental domination, and prolonged devious torment abound in this story ...
Categories: Hypnosis 
22.07.2017 · From JamesTMedak
" he opened his mouth he found himself saying “I haven’t been tranced and everything is just fine”. He wasn’t sure why he said that, but as soon as the words came out of his mouth he realized that he had not been tranced recently and that everything was just fine."
Categories: Hypnosis 
22.05.2019 · From sdvmia
“Maybe”, smiled Sam, “I’ll find someone one day who could trance you.” “I doubt it”, said Xander, “although it might be fun. So, what are you gonna do today?” Sam smiled deviously. “I’m going to play with my Robot Slave.” Xander’s eyes went blank, those big, blue beauties now only obedient to Sam.
Categories: Hypnosis 
11.05.2019 · From sdvmia
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Okay, what a twist, You say "Smoke me" and i fall into your control...Wuuf
6 days ago · From PupBoner
uh oh, Boner Alert!! explosion imminent, please release me Sir...Wuuf
Posted for Story Trucker's Boy by McGarGuy
6 days ago · From PupBoner
Impressive. I liked how it took pressure off 'trying'. I felt myself get very focused on the words. Well done.
11 days ago · From Jono
Where is the original story?
Posted for Story Forbidden room. Part 1.
11 days ago · From Gorfo
Super Boner Alert!! Loved the story, can't wait for the next part....Wuuf
13.09.2020 · From PupBoner
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