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It's time for the past to catch up with Kristian
Categories: Mind Control 
26.01.2020 · From Eur19
A hypnotic tale of a vampire, and life around him.
Categories: Mind Control 
26.12.2019 · From Eur19
After a couple of minutes more, Mark reached up and tapped Stan on the forehead very gently. Stan immediately fell limp onto the bed, totally relaxed and open to his lover’s suggestions. Well, maybe not TOTALLY limp – his dick was still hard and slightly wet from pre-cum.
Categories: Hypnosis 
12.11.2019 · From sdvmia
Each morning began with a different “wake-up call”. One day it was a deep massage; another day they woke up to find two glove-covered fingers in their ass. Another day, they were woken by deep, loving kisses.
Categories: Hypnosis 
26.06.2019 · From sdvmia
It was an oddly idyllic scene...Carlos was lying on his back with his head in Charles lap and Charles was lightly stroking Carlos’ face. They were talking about the sun, the sky, nothing in particular. Nearby, Tito and Mark were fucking on the lawn.
Categories: Hypnosis 
24.06.2019 · From sdvmia
Paul had walked over and stood next to Mike as Ben talked. Paul reached out his hand and helped Ben up. “You new life awaits, Sir.”
Categories: Hypnosis 
23.06.2019 · From sdvmia
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