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Hey all - sorry for the delay; enjoy, comment, rate as you see fit; feedback helps me improve and keep posting, so if you like it, let me know. :) Cheers!
Categories: Hypnosis 
24.10.2017 · From darkdreamer22
Sorry for the long delay, here's another installment. :)
Categories: Hypnosis 
08.10.2017 · From darkdreamer22
Meanwhile, back in the basement...
Categories: Hypnosis 
24.09.2017 · From darkdreamer22
I know it's been a bit - enjoy this new installment :).
Categories: Hypnosis 
16.09.2017 · From darkdreamer22
Hope you all keep enjoying this as much as I've enjoyed writing it. :)
Categories: Hypnosis 
08.09.2017 · From darkdreamer22
You knew something like this would happen, right? :p Enjoy!
Categories: Hypnosis 
03.09.2017 · From darkdreamer22
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