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Hugh is hiding out in the bushes waiting for Ed's dad to return home. A little upset that Ed didn't give him a house key or a rough estimate of long his dad would be out. Hugh has to keep himself entertained other ways.
Categories: Mind Control 
02.09.2019 · From hypnoverse
Another day, another character; things get a little tense this chapter, powers can be complicated, as can relationships. Let me know what you think!
Categories: Mind Control 
17.12.2017 · From darkdreamer22
You've all been so patient, and at last here it is: the explosive conclusion of Season One! I've appreciated all the feedback, and the positive responses, and hope you enjoy this final chapter of this saga. But don't worry, there's much much more, and I'll be starting Season Two soon! Enjoy!
Categories: Mind Control 
17.11.2017 · From darkdreamer22
You look exhausted, Bro. Looks like you got a good workout. Bet you’re looking forward to relaxing for the rest of the day. Just kick back, take a load off. Just resting. That’ll be great.
Categories: Hypnosis 
14.11.2017 · From SpacedOut
Hope you've all been edging, as we are nearing the happy ending :p
Categories: Mind Control  · Hypnosis 
07.11.2017 · From darkdreamer22
Just a short teaser - enjoy!
Categories: Hypnosis 
30.10.2017 · From darkdreamer22
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