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The ticket keeper's deep, deep voice penetrated Júlio's ears, making him have an erection principle. This made him extremely uncomfortable. Why did that male voice get you a little excited?
Categories: Mind Control 
4 days ago · From HypnoBrazil
Non-consensual hypnosis and sex
Categories: Hypnosis 
12 days ago · From HypnoBrazil
There was a boy named nick
Categories: Hypnosis 
15.06.2020 · From Angellucian
Benny wants to be a bull, but gets more than he bargained for in the process. (Story inspired by a kindred spirit.)
Categories: Mind Control 
03.04.2020 · From Blackrat77
The confrontation, long awaited, now begins
Categories: Mind Control 
29.01.2020 · From Eur19
It's time for the past to catch up with Kristian
Categories: Mind Control 
26.01.2020 · From Eur19
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