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I had never worn a leotard before and I remember wondering how I knew to put it on. I remember thinking that it was not the kind of thing that I would ever want to wear. The hood needed me in it. The hood was making me wear it. I found myself drawing it up over my body ...
Categories: Hypnosis 
15.05.2020 · From HypnotistDormion
Two victims from the park were chosen by the Master. They couldn’t resist.
Categories: Mind Control  · Hypnosis 
25.01.2020 · From Tranceguy
Tranceguy / Jaybird After Master recruited his first servants, a new member will join to us...
Categories: Hypnosis  · Mind Control  · Transformation 
26.10.2019 · From Tranceguy
Alan finds the rubber suit of his dreams, but there is always a price to pay, some times though, it can be beneficial!!!
Categories: Mind Control 
08.05.2019 · From Pantyhoseman
Mike succumbs to hypnosis meant for someone else.
Categories: Hypnosis 
08.12.2018 · From Blackrat77
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