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Looking for master for chastity training
Categories: Mind Control  · Hypnosis 
15.01.2020 · From franck1990
Boy orders a toy to deal with a chastity problem. He should have read the description. (Old story of mine modified to be more hypno-friendly)
Categories: Hypnosis 
11.04.2019 · From Atom23
My most popular story from my old Tumblr blog before the purge. May upload the rest of my stories here if they're wanted!
Categories: Transformation 
06.04.2019 · From Atom23
True story of 5 leathermen at a hypnosis conference going to smoke cigars and go deep into the masculinity.
Categories: Leather  · Hypnosis 
14.10.2018 · From BullBoy
SLAM! went another door, interrupting Elder Gardener’s greeting. He turned on his heel and returned to his bike propped up on the side of the porch, with Elder Bradshaw in tow. Elder Gardener, first name Trevor, was a man on a mission.
Categories: Mind Control 
30.07.2018 · From Bonegnawer
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