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The first chapter of a novella I wrote about a couple that slowly break down a slave and rebuild it in their image.
Categories: Hypnosis 
07.12.2019 · From crystaldrop
You've all been so patient, and at last here it is: the explosive conclusion of Season One! I've appreciated all the feedback, and the positive responses, and hope you enjoy this final chapter of this saga. But don't worry, there's much much more, and I'll be starting Season Two soon! Enjoy!
Categories: Mind Control 
17.11.2017 · From darkdreamer22
Hope you've all been edging, as we are nearing the happy ending :p
Categories: Mind Control  · Hypnosis 
07.11.2017 · From darkdreamer22
Hey all - sorry for the delay; enjoy, comment, rate as you see fit; feedback helps me improve and keep posting, so if you like it, let me know. :) Cheers!
Categories: Hypnosis 
24.10.2017 · From darkdreamer22
Hope you all enjoy this latest installment!
Categories: Mind Control 
12.10.2017 · From darkdreamer22
Sorry for the long delay, here's another installment. :)
Categories: Hypnosis 
08.10.2017 · From darkdreamer22
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