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Mike talked softly, almost reverently. “It’s true. It’s all true..."
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20.06.2019 · From sdvmia
Ben was excited, thinking about his he talked to the deeply hypnotized Mike. Mike continued to gaze blankly at his Master while slowly masturbating. Ben’s cock was throbbing now from the excitement of what was about to happen. Twelve asses, twelve boys. His forever.
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19.06.2019 · From sdvmia
The 12 boys stared at the words flowing by on the wall. The colored patterns reflected in their blank eyes. Anyone looking in a window, seeing them sitting there, might think they were nothing but mannequins.
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18.06.2019 · From sdvmia
At first, when Preston had asked Ivan if he would model nude, he’d been very reserved. Despite having such as alluring body, Ivan was self-conscious. Looking at Ivan now, no one would ever guess he’d had this problem. He looked completely serene, posing there naked.
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16.06.2019 · From SpacedOut
Mike might have been as good or better than Ben…if he’d spent every waking hour for so long studying, practicing, tweaking every word, every idea, every program. Ben had become single minded about his plan and it made him possibly the most powerful, skilled and dangerous hypnotist in the world.
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14.06.2019 · From sdvmia
“So many questions. I have a question. Did you enjoy the red spiral?” “What red spiral? What are you talking about?”
Categories: Hypnosis 
10.06.2019 · From sdvmia
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