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The confrontation, long awaited, now begins
Categories: Mind Control 
29.01.2020 · From Eur19
It's time for the past to catch up with Kristian
Categories: Mind Control 
26.01.2020 · From Eur19
Two victims from the park were chosen by the Master. They couldn’t resist.
Categories: Mind Control  · Hypnosis 
25.01.2020 · From Tranceguy
“Mmmhmmph” Oliver affirmed to Topher’s question, his head already melting into his bed. He must have been more stressed than he thought because he was more than ready to relax. He began gently rubbing Oliver’s neck.
Categories: Hypnosis 
19.01.2020 · From JellyfishSong
Looking for master for chastity training
Categories: Mind Control  · Hypnosis 
15.01.2020 · From franck1990
Watching a man bound tightly in a chair, fucked, brainwashed, gagged, milked till exhaustion and longer. It makes me imagine me like that.
Categories: Leather 
12.01.2020 · From someone
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