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Hypnosis of course, slavery, mild bondage, sensory deprivation, foot worship, pup play and transformation.
Categories: Transformation 
31.10.2019 · From MstrBrian
Tranceguy / Jaybird After Master recruited his first servants, a new member will join to us...
Categories: Hypnosis  · Mind Control  · Transformation 
26.10.2019 · From Tranceguy
The ghost puffed on a large cigar as he stood over him and caressed his head and his body. His touch was light, ethereal, and warm. “Let me have your body,” he growled. “It’s been so long and I’ve been so lonely. Let me take care of you, boy. You can trust me.”
Categories: Mind Control 
17.10.2019 · From Blackrat77
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